In today’s world, data storage is an imperative component for every business. When disaster strikes and you lose all your information or worse – the files are corrupted due to power outages; how would that affect your day-to-day operations? What happens if there was some sort of virus attack on one computer which caused its hard drive crash so now we cannot access any stored footage? The only way around this problem will be by having reliable backup strategies in place at all times!

Public Data Storage

Some businesses may have heard of ‘migrating to the cloud’ and wondered what that means for their data. For public storage, all your files move into a remote server or collocation where they can be accessed when internet connectivity is available – but there’s more than just speed in this equation! Businesses often find themselves with increased productivity after making such an investment because not only are employees able to access resources from anywhere at any time; they’ll also avoid costly downtime caused by hardware failure while keeping up-to-date on new technologies like ransomware protection through live monitoring systems.

Private Data Storage

Private data storage is a great way to keep your important files safe from prying eyes. In this case, the responsibility of maintaining and managing those servers falls on you- which can be tough! Luckily there are IT consultants who specialize in helping small businesses with their technology needs so they don’t have too much trouble coping alone in these matters.

Hybrid Data Storage

Hybrid data storage offers a cost-effective solution for businesses that need access to both private and public networks. A company’s information is safe while minimizing the amount of maintenance required from your business, all thanks in part due to its integration with an outsourced IT provider or on-site team who can take care if any disastrous events occur – such as fire damage (which would normally destroy valuable assets) infection by viruses/hacking tools during theft!

Whether you use a local or cloud-based storage service, the best way to protect your business data from outages is by regularly backing up files. With automated backups set up onsite and off-site with Hyphenet IT consultants available 24/7 for advice; there’s no problem too big that they can’t take care of!

Speaking of data, is your data backed up?

If you’re looking for a way to ensure your business data is safe, look no further than our comprehensive suite of solutions. Our San Diego IT Company, Hyphenet, has plans tailored just right and affordable so that any size organization can get back up on the track in record time!

Imagine being able to bounce back from ransomware within minutes!

We recommend Datto ALTO 3 for small businesses and Datto SIRIS 3 for the enterprise.