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Datto ALTO 3 Pricing

Contact us now for Datto ALTO 3 pricing for your company. The Datto ALTO 3 is completely designed for small businesses. You get enterprise level business continuity solutions such as gaining continuity in seconds, ransomware detection, hybrid cloud protection, image based backups. and more! Call now for immediate Datto ALTO 3 pricing: (619) 325-0990

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SMB Data Protection Platform Delivered in One Package

The Datto ALTO 3 is your one stop solution for three critical components your business needs to have in place: data backup, recovery and business continuity. Imagine having the fastest restores, backups, and even fast recovery times. You also won’t have to invest in any additional infrastructure or integrate anything else. Datto ALTO 3 is Turn-key ready to give you results and peace of mind.

datto alto 3 pricing

Backup Insights

One click of a button gets you: Image based backups that can be booted from the SIRIS device. Second, virtualize your entire infrastructure, meaning you can be back up and running in minutes.

Screenshot Verification

Datto new screenshot backup verification and new advanced screenshot are no doubt the most comprehensive backup monitoring available.

Instant Virtualization

Do you have 6 seconds to spare? Perfect, because that’s as long as it takes to virtualize your entire business infranstructure.


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How Datto ALTO 3 can be Deployed


Single small device, Simple plug and play implementation, Web-based management for one or many devices. Supports protection of Windows, Linux, and Mac source machines.

Features of Datto Alto 3

ALTO 3 has the broadest range of robust industry features combined into one single solution. The DATTO ALTO 3 is the business solution for you if you want to ensure your business will be able to continue running in the unfortunate event when business infrastructure fails. If you have any questions about the DATTO ALTO 3 or would like DATTO ALTO 3 pricing for your business, give us a quick call: (619) 325-0990.


All in One Platform

Small Yet Mighty

Backup and Restore


Ransomware Protection

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Datto ALTO 3 Reviews

"Backing up every hour."

We have ten servers being backed up every hour. With Datto ALTO 3, not only can we now go back to restores every hour, but we can also go back to the first image we created of the server. We finally have a properly working backup solution in place. That being said, we know it’s properly being done.

"Saved the day many times."

The Datto ALTO 3 has already saved the day so many times. It’s without a doubt the most important device in our network. When we had an emergency (problem migrating files) and we were able to restore within minutes.

"No restore fails ever!"

The Datto ALTO 3 is reliable! The many times we’ve had to restore our data, never once did we have a failure. Also worth mentioning, the data has also never been corrupted during a restore.

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