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Contact us now for Datto SIRIS 3 pricing for your company. The Datto SIRIS 3 is completely redesigned to give you business continuity in seconds, ransomware detection, hybrid cloud protection, image based backups. and more!

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Data Protection Platform Delivered in One Package

The datto SIRIS 3 is your one stop solution for three critical components your business needs to have in place: data backup, recovery and business continuity. Imagine having the fastest restores, backups, and even fast recovery times. You also won’t have to invest in any additional infrastructure or integrate anything else. SIRIS 3 is Turn-key ready to give you results and peace of mind.



Datto SIRIS 3 pricing

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

One click of a button gets you: Image based backups that can be booted from the SIRIS device. Second, virtualize your entire infrastructure, meaning you can be back up and running in minutes.

Backup and Restore

Did a user accidentally delete a file? Hardware fail? You can generate a list of comparison files between backups and restore quickly without guessing or searching through command lines.


Did someone accidentally infect their PC with ransomware? Don’t pay the ransom, instead you can recover with the SIRIS 3 point in time rollback feature.


Here’s an awesome quick visual learner video about datto SIRIS 3

How Datto SIRIS 3 can be Deployed


Instant virtualization is now possible in VMware rather the native KVM hypervisor applied in SIRIS hardware. The SIRIS 3 virtual appliances you’re hosting in your virtual environment or your own private cloud also include support. Not only that, you’re also able to run SIRIS as a guest in Microsoft, Citrix XenServer, VMware and vSphere,


Put your current (BDR) backup and disaster recovery to good use. Repurpose your existing hardware and software appliances use for backup into a SIRIS 3 device. Start protecting your infrastructure immediately by inserting and booting the USB and following the easy popup instructions.


Right out of the box, you can start protecting your infrastructure immediately. Each SIRIS 3 device is high performance and sized to your specific needs. Every SIRIS 3 device includes numerous GigE interfaces, DDR4 memory, IPMI, and the most current multi-core Intel Xeon processors,

Features of Datto SIRIS 3

SIRIS 3 has the broadest range of robust industry features combined into one single solution. The DATTO SIRIS 3 is the business solution for you if you want to ensure your business will be able to continue running in the unfortunate event when business infrastructure fails. If you have any questions about the SIRIS 3 or would like Datto Siris 3 pricing for your business, give us a quick call: (619) 325-0990.

Inverse Chain Technology (TM)

Imagine being able to backup your data every 5 minutes.

Hybrid Cloud Protection

Not only do you get protected local backup for workstations and servers, you also receive secure and automated backup to the Datto Cloud. Meaning, you’re provided with remote data protection and (DRaaS) Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Sync and Share

Users can access SIRIS 3 from anywhere, including mobile clients.

Powerful Search and Restore

eDiscovery gives Datto users the ability to find keywords within their backed up data. This is made possible in a user-friendly interface.

Backup Insights

Easily restore files in a matter of seconds. You can select which files to restore in a user-friendly read file tree.

All Major Operating Systems Covered

Whether you’re running Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system. you’re able to quickly protect any virtual. physical, or cloud infrastructure. You won’t need to purchase any additional tools. Best of all, you can set SIRIS 3 to automatically backup.

Instant Virtualization on-site or in the Datto Cloud

If the unfortunate even of a server failure occurs, your business can remain functioning with ZERO downtime. This is made possible by the protected systems that can be virtualization immediately on the Datto device or in the Datto Cloud. Run your business and fix the server on when it’s convieneient for you.

End-to-End Encryption

AES-256 encryption for both in the cloud and in transit is used. There’s even the option to encrypt data locally.

Image-Based Backup

Recover with the click of a button.  Images boot rapidly and can also be migrated from the physical to virtual machines.

Network Attached Storage

If you have data stored outside of your servers, you can also protect it  in the Datto Cloud by applying a snapshot schedule.

PSA and RMM Integration

Seamlessly integrate Datto SIRIS 3 with (RMM) Remote Monitoring and Management and (PSA) Professional Services Automation tools that are the backbone of a managed services practice. You’ll spend more time running your business and less time on your technology.

Hybrid Virtualization

You can now easily restore by simply booting a virtualized node in Datto’s cloud and managing it using local hardware.

Agent-based and Agentless Backup

Whichever method you choose to deply, whether it’s image, hardware, or virtual, SIRIS 3 supports both an agent-based and Agentless backup.

Advanced Screenshot Verification

That’s right, additional verification options to make sure your server is properly backing up and that data is operable.

All-in-One Platform

The highest prioritized elements of your business packaged together in one effective solution. Business continuity with disaster recovery, backup and restore, and data backup.

Retention that's Right for You

SIRIS 3 allows you to choose from the industry’s most flexible retention options for cloud storage. Meaning, you’re able to keep your data protected until a specified data storage limit it reached, select a time based retention window or you can utilize the infinite cloud storage model. The choice is yours.

Datto SIRIS 3 Reviews

"Backing up every hour."

We have ten servers being backed up every hour. With Datto SIRIS 3, not only can we now go back to restores every hour, but we can also go back to the first image we created of the server. We finally have a properly working backup solution in place. That being said, we know it’s properly being done.

"Saved the day many times."

The Datto SIRIS 3 has already saved the day so many times. It’s without a doubt the most important device in our network. When we had an emergency (problem migrating files) and we were able to restore within minutes.

"No restore fails ever!"

The Datto SIRIS 3 is reliable! The many times we’ve had to restore our data, never once did we have a failure. Also worth mentioning, the data has also never been corrupted during a restore.

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