What are Cloud Security Camera Systems?

It’s not just small companies that are turning to the cloud for video surveillance. Even large enterprises like hospitals and schools have begun installing commercial-grade security systems in their data centers, as IoT continues its rise!

Cloud security systems are excellent for remote viewing of footage. The major advantage is that you can remotely access your camera from anywhere, anytime on any device without having to worry about cables or install extra hardware in order get an improved ROI because all these tasks will be done automatically by the cloud-based system while still being cost-effective

  • There’s always that chance of surveillance cameras footage getting lost when there’s an Internet outage!
  • Low-bandwidth networks are unable to stream 1080p videos simultaneously.
  • It is not easy to comply with IP security and regulations like the PCI Standard which requires at least 90 days of video retention locally or in a separate hard drive backup location.

How is a Hybrid Cloud Security Camera System Different?

A hybrid security camera system is a great solution for those who want the benefits of both on-site video surveillance storage and cloud computing. This type of PoE network allows IT departments to overcome many obstacles they’ve faced with pure cloud CCTV systems, while still providing ample protection at their location or in remote areas that may not have reliable power sources nearby.

Verkada: Enterprise Cameras Backed by Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The Verkada PoE cameras will continue to record and stream high-quality footage even if there’s an internet outage. In the event that power is lost, all local storage can be viewed remotely on your network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections back up with cloud (AWS) support for uploads when they’re restored!

IP cameras are usually motionless, but with a hybrid cloud architecture, it is possible to send encrypted outbound metadata and short videos. When the PoE camera detects movement or any other event that requires streaming resources from its server(s), they open up more bandwidth on demand so as not to miss anything important!

With this intelligent bandwidth management, your indoor and outdoor security cameras can work flawlessly on any network no matter what the condition. With a single POE video camera plugging into an outlet with power supply via Ethernet cable–you’ll never have to worry about insufficient data transfer speeds again!

Cybersecurity has become one of the most debated topics in today’s world. While an air-gapped NVR security system is technically secure, it also presents many operational limitations that defeat its original purpose to keep organizations safe from hackers and cyber threats. As soon as channel ports are opened or forwarded for remote access, this technology becomes very dangerous because any intrusion can be avoided with just a few feet across town!

Hybrid cloud security camera systems like Verkada’s allow vendors (not IT departments) to proactively protect individual IP cameras and video surveillance networks with auto-updating PoE software, endowing them as secure alternatives. With encryption enabled at each sensor point throughout our installations locally minimizing cyber threats even more so than before!

The benefits of using hybrid cloud security cameras are many, but it’s important to take an in-depth look at how they compare with traditional systems. Side-by-side feature lists can only provide a limited view on what these different types have for you so we recommend taking some time and doing the research before making any decisions about which one might be best suited to your needs!


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