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Verkada security systems are the best way to modernize your business. We provide, install and integrate video cameras for all commercial facilities that gives you peace-of mind knowing everything about what’s going on in every room at any time!

Video Surveillance Solutions for your Business

Here’s Why You Should Install Verkada Security

Users can see their business’s security in real time from all cameras and locations on a single device. This lets you keep tabs on the situation, respond quickly to any events happening right now.

Keeping your business safe and sound is our priority. We’ll provide you with a Verkada security system that’s easy to use, plus thorough training from experts who know what they’re doing!

Verkada’s Top-Tier Video Surveillance Brings Instant Peace of Mind for your Business.

Gain immediate cloud video security. Update your outdated current video security system to Verkada. 

  • Hardware
  • Sensors
  • Security Cameras
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Verkada is a top-rated security manufacturer that has been making waves in the mobile space with their responsive and easy to use app.

The reviews for this product are phenomenal, as users praise how quickly it responds during emergencies while also providing advanced analytics which help provide greater insights into your business needs at all times – including right now!

These convenient features can be accessed through an intuitive interface within Verkada’s latest release of new updates or feature additions ensuring customer satisfaction because they know there’s always something fresh waiting just around every corner from them so you don’t need worry about missing anything important either way.

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Video Security that Works For All Teams


Verkada replaces obsolete equipment with technology that’s smart, secure and easy to manage.

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Simple Setup
PoE cameras are online and fully operational in minutes.

Built-in Storage
No NVRs or DVRs. Store up to 365 days of footage locally.

Automatic Updates
Stay ahead of emerging threats with ongoing feature and security updates.

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Buy Verkada

Verkada’s cloud-based security cameras and access control systems give you real time visibility across your entire business environment. You can see what is happening in any location, quickly respond with confidence that everything under surveillance is secure; knowing it will be there for when needed most!

Verkada’s access control systems are the perfect way to manage business security. With an easy installation process, thorough training from experts who continue maintaining and repairing it over its lifetime – you won’t find anything better!


Why Verkada?

Cloud Cameras That Operate At 20 kbps

Simple Setup

  • PoE cameras are online and fully operational in minutes.

Automatic Updates

  • Stay ahead of emerging threats with ongoing features and security updates.

Built-in Storage

  • No NVRs or DVRs. Store up to 365 days of footage locally.

Verkada Dome Cameras:

Verkada’s Dome Series is built for durability and high performance.

This line delivers enterprise security in a wide range of models, from indoor environments to outdoor sites that require an extra layer or two toward protection against harsh weather conditions like windstorms and pouring rain.

The new generation has up twice as much onboard storage space with a dedicated computer vision chipset allowing it do things faster than ever before!

All Cameras Include:


  • Smart Edge-Based Analytics
  • Industry-Leading 10-Year Warranty
  • Automatic Firmware & Software Updates
  • Unlimited Cloud Archiving
  • Adaptive Quality
verkada mini camera

Verkada Mini Series:

Their small size makes them perfect for any location. Verkada’s Mini Series is designed for flexibility without compromising on image quality.

It delivers enterprise grade security and powerful performance in advanced edge-based analytics with a range of environments, from the studio or warehouse through to public spaces like streetscapes where cameras are more likely be seen by passersby than employees entering data into their computer screens at work!


What are your favorite feature?

“I like that it’s easy for me create unique user accounts, which is especially helpful in situations where team members have different levels or access rights.”


verkada fisheye

Verkada Fisheye Series:

The Fisheye Series has the power to deliver dynamic viewing experiences. Choose from a panoramic view of 180º, four-way split or immersive 360ºs that will take you through any environment with digital pan-tilt zoom!

Rated for indoor/outdoor use this camera is suited at all times by its versatility in security needs.


verkada bullet camera

Verkada Bullet Series:

Verkada’s Bullet Series cameras are built to withstand the toughest environments with enterprise grade security and processing power. The sleek design comes in two lens styles: wide or telephoto, so you can find an option that best suits your needs!


Verkada viewing station

Verkada Viewing Station:


Optimized for live viewing!

The VX52 is a device that streams up to 300 camera feeds at once with ultra-low latency, crisp video playback and customizable layouts. Built on the powerful Apple TV 4K platform this unit has an A12 Bionic chip which makes it perfect for customers who need mission critical viewing requirements in real time!





Verkada Sensor Readings:

Verkada’s collection of eight sensor readings easily monitors the health and safety of your environment.


  • Temperature
  • TVOC
  • Air Quality Index
  • Noise
  • PM 2.5
  • Vape Detection
  • Humidity
  • Motion
verkada pricing
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Verkada Cameras: Pricing

The pricing of Verkada security cameras depends on several factors and the total price includes the hardware and cloud license. There are many variables to consider which is why we recommend you give us a call so we can put together the right pricing package your business needs. (619) 325-0990

Cloud license (one license per camera) There is a price break depending on how many years you want to pay for each license.

Depending on the series of camera: Dome Series Indoor, Dome Series Outdoor (outdoor cameras cost more than indoor cameras) Bullet Series, Mini Series, and Fisheye Series.

Days of data retention: How long do you need to keep your data stored in the cloud?

Specific camera models such as the Dome Series have advanced features such as: 4K and Zoom capability. For example, Face Search is available to match people by selecting a face from your organization or by uploading an image.

The clarity and ease of use make it unique among competitors, making verifiable accusations less difficult than with other products on the market today.

The cost of a tiered pricing plan starts at $799 for smaller cameras and grows based on how long you want to keep your recorded footage, going all the way up past 120 days.

The cost of a camera ranges from $500 to $800, with most falling within that price range. What really makes the difference for Verkada is if you can request an 30-day free trial and see if it’s right for your business before committing fully or purchasing another security system altogether; however they do not integrate into other devices like alarm systems yet so keep this in mind when deciding on whether these features would work well alongside yours!

You can save money with Verkada

By covering a much wider region with one large camera, customers can avoid paying more money than necessary just because their project requires it!






Authorized Verkada Reseller

As a licensed reseller, Hyphenet offers turn-key security systems to protect your property around the clock. We install an easy access control solution that lets you secure multiple business areas from one convenient location in San Diego with our professional installation team’s help in selecting products tailored for each unique facility they serve!


Verkada Demo

With a free Verkada demo, experience all of its features and functionalities today. Our experts are here to answer any questions about the system that you may have- they’ll provide comprehensive information on what this business solution can do for your company needs!

In addition: Learn some tips from our professional security specialists about how best keep tabs in trend at work with these updates as well






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Compliance & Security Regulations


Verkada devices are compliant against some of the strictest data handling and security standards in the world.

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