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Protect your organization against the latest cyber threats.

Proofpoint Essentials gives you protection and visibility for your greatest security risk – your employees.


URL Defense

Proofpoint Essentials detects, catches, and continuously learns what malicious URLs are trending.

Proofpoint is the first email security company using comprehensive security for preventing targeted email attacks.

Keep your business email protected from spam and targeted threats.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Keep your sensitive data safe from getting into the wrong hands or ever leaving your company via email.

Proofpoint Essentials uses a data-loss prevention filter to ensure your customers sensitive data is safe.

Gain peace of mind having constant access to your email at all times.


Emergency Inbox

Always have access to your email with Proofpoint Essentials emergency inbox.

You will have access to your email using the emergency inbox if your primary email server goes offline.

Secure, manage your data, and gain compliance with 10-year cloud archiving.

Holiday Email Spam is Already Here! 

Stop ransomware, phishing, spoofing, & other attacks with Proofpoint!

  • Did you know? Phishing attacks peak during the holidays.

There’s many creative and carefully crafted phishing emails being sent out by cyber criminals this 2019 holiday season starting right before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Take a look at some popular examples.

Follow the leader. 

For the sixth consecutive year, Proofpoint Essentials is the top leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report.


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Proofpoint Essentials is currently the leading cyber security company.

With a trusted name and used by the world’s biggest companies, Proofpoint Essentials is able to safeguard your business, able to stop attacks before they reach your network such as:

  • Targeted email attacks
  • Spam
  • Phishing
  • Targeted app attacks
  • Social Media hijacking
  • and more

Award Winning MLX Technology.

Proofpoint Essentials is constantly self improving using advanced machine learning algorithms.

You benefit by always having the most up to date email protection. When MLX scans millions of email worldwide, it quickly learns the newest trends in cyber attacks and strengthens its detection.

Get a free migration to Proofpoint Essentials 

Hyphenet is one of the few authorized Proofpoint Essentials re-sellers offering a free migration! Take advantage today!  

Allow Hyphenet to Migrate you to Proofpoint Essentials for Free.

Hyphenet will migrate your business email to Proofpoint Essentials for free.

We have experience migrating hundreds of businesses nation-wide to Proopoint Essentials.

Our happy customers also benefit from our assistance selecting the correct Proofpoint Essentials package for their business or organization.

Why pay for more services than you actually need?

Benefits of our Proofpoint Migration Process

  • No software to install
  • No hardware to purchase
  • Exclusive migration tool
  • Fast service
  • Upgrade accounts anytime
  • Free migration


Take a closer look behind the wheel:

Designed for easy usability.
Take a look at a couple screenshots below: Featuring the Proofpoint Essentials Quarantine Digest and Proofpoint Essentials Spam settings.

proofpoint essentials

Proofpoint Essentials Spam:

US1 Proofpoint Essentials Admin Login:

Proofpoint Essentials Quarantine Digest:

Proofpoint Essentials Sandbox:

Prepared for ransomware? 

Proofpoint Essentials helps by filtering-out ransomware emails from entering your network. 

That’s right!

Safely block malicious emails that use trusted and lookalike email domains, website domains, and even social media handles.  


Proofpoint Essentials Price List Available

Give us a quick call for the latest price list that fits your organization. We focus on Business and Pro Proofpoint Essentials packages.




Signature-based Anti Virus included included
Spam Filtering included included
Reporting included included
Content Filtering included included
Outbound Filtering included included
Zero Hour Threat Detection included included
URL Defense included included
Data Loss Prevention included included
Email Encryption included
Social Media Account Protection included
Emergency Inbox 14 Days 14 Days
Email Spooling 14 Days 14 Days
Instant Replay 30 Days 30 Days
Tamper-Proof and Offsite included
Search and eDiscovery included
Unlimited Storage (10yr Archive) included
Multi-level logins included included
Domain Management included included
Email Logs included included
Active Directory Sync included included

Business Package


Professional Package


Proofpoint Essentials Office 365

Keep your Office 365 users protected from threats 
– and save money.

Proofpoint’s Office 365 email security outperforms the native Office 365 capabilities. 

What’s Managed Cloud? – Comprehensive guide from RackSpace

What Our Customers Are Saying about our Proofpoint Essentials Services:

“The spam at my business was becoming a nightmare to deal with. In the past, my employees have opened emails with malicious links and we’ve suffered various viruses. After learning more about preventing spam and hosted anti-spam services offered at Hyphenet, they migrated my business to Proofpoint Essentials. I don’t have to worry about my employees opening phishing emails anymore etc. My business is back to running smooth, thanks Hyphenet.  ”
Susan S.

“Hyphenet has proven to be a great company to work with. They provided me quick services for migrating to Proofpoint Essentials. Proofpoint is a fantastic SaaS based email security product. Not only is it efficient, it’s also cost effective and easy to use. Thanks for all the help Hyphenet!”
Richard L.

“I was looking for a local IT company in San Diego to help migrate my business to Proofpoint Essentials and found Hyphenet. Not only did they migrate my business for free, they assessed my business to make sure I select the right plan. I also wanted onsite help for effectively using Proofpoint Essentials and Hyphenet delivered. They also offered me support and training for my employees, great company to work with. Thank you Hyphenet! ”
David R.


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