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Proofpoint Essentials Business Package

Preventative Data Loss | URL Defense | Cloud Email |

Upgrade your email security using Proofpoint Essentials Business Package. 100% cloud based email security protection.

The Proofpoint Essentials Business Package takes your email security to the next level. The upgraded benefits of this Proofpoint Essentials package include: Advanced URL Defense,  Data Loss Prevention, and Email Continuity. Along with all the award winning core features, this  Proofpoint Essentials Business package ensures your business communications will constantly be up and running smooth.

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Proofpoint Essentials Business Package features

All Proofpoint Essentials Packages come standard with items shown in black, the upgraded features unique to the business package are shown in orange.

  • Signature-based Anti-Virus
  • Spam Filtering
  • Reporting
  • Content Filtering
  • Outbound Filtering
  • Zero Hour Threat Detection
  • 24 Hour Emergency Inbox
  • 14 Days of Email Spooling
  • Multi-level logins
  • Domain Management
  • Email Logs
  • Active Directory Sync
  • URL Defense
  • Data Loss Prevention

URL Defense

Url defense is one of the added upgrades featured in this Proofpoint Essentials Business package. Proofpoint remotely scans each email for malicious links and malware. This is a key feature for preventing your employees from clicking on socially engineered email links loaded with tricks to gain sensitive information. Proofpoint takes action by rewriting URLs when malicious emails are detected. Proofpoint will even test the URLs behind the scenes before they ever enter your network.

Data Loss Prevention & Content Filtering

This upgrade of Proofpoint essentials includes data loss prevention and content filtering. You can have peace of mind knowing your emails will never leak sensitive information. The use of filters that detect personal data prevents any of it from going to the wrong place, such as leaving the network via and outgoing email.

Allow us to Quickly Migrate your Business to Proofpoint Essentials Business Package

Think migrating your business email to Proofpoint Essentials is confusing? It’s not! We make it easy for you, plus we’ve migrated hundreds of businesses to Proofpoint Essentials Business Package. You’d be surprised to learn some of the advanced and hassle free benefits to migrating to a cloud based email platform. First of all, you’ll never have to install any software, and there’s no expensive clunky hardware taking up valuable office space. Among other great perks you can personally enjoy include:

  • Manage Proofpoint Essentials from one single platform
  • Automatic updates
  • No hardware to purchase
  • No software to install
  • No additional admin tasks
  • Not worrying about disk space

Is the Proofpoint Essentials Business package a good fit for your business?

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Proofpoint Essentials Packages

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 Proofpoint Essentials Business Package





Signature-based Anti Virus included included included
Spam Filtering included included included
Reporting included included included
Content Filtering included included included
Outbound Filtering included included included
Zero Hour Threat Detection included included included
URL Defense included included
Data Loss Prevention included included
Email Encryption included
Social Media Account Protection included
Emergency Inbox 24hr 14 Days 14 Days
Email Spooling 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days
Instant Replay 30 Days 30 Days
Tamper-Proof and Offsite included
Search and eDiscovery included
Unlimited Storage (10yr Archive) included
Multi-level logins included included included
Domain Management included included included
Email Logs included included included
Active Directory Sync included included included

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