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It’s true, datto goes above and beyond traditional data backup recovery solutions. Empower your company to recover entire systems in minutes!

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We’re Hyphenet, a trusted managed IT company and expert Datto partner in San Diego.

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Do you have a small business or large enterprise?

Small Business: Datto ALTO 3

Finally, peace of mind backup that’s affordable! No more 3am nightmares.

The Datto ALTO 3 can INSTANTLY virtualize any backup as a virtual machine in the Datto cloud! Your business can operate without any data loss or downtime.

Enterprise: Datto SIRIS 3

Datto SIRIS 3 is new and improved! Redesigned to now offer ransomware protection! Improved hardware, SSD OS and transfer drives + a five year warranty.

Are you an organization with retention requirements? If yes, there’s a new Infinite Cloud Retention.

Guaranteed Business Continuity

Imagine the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, malicious activity, simple human error, or even an IT disaster. With Datto solutions, you can bounce back from an unfortunate event within minutes!

Ransomware Detection


Business Continuity in Seconds


Hybrid Cloud Protection


Image Based Backups


Ransomware Protection

If data is important to your business, you’re a target to cybercriminals.
Datto protects your business and keeps you in control and ownership remains unchallenged in cases or user error, compliance issues, user management, and malicious attacks.

Did your employee click on phishing email link? Having a datto backup will help prevent you from paying a ransom.

 With datto’s layered defense strategy, you can restore to a snapshot before the attack happened.

datto ransomware prevention

VIDEO: Datto in 30 Seconds

Check out this awesome visual that explains datto without too much technical jargon.

Get Back to Business in Minutes


Do you have an enterprise? Get to know SIRIS 3, a smarter option for your enterprise. Everything within a single platform: Data backup, recovery and business continuity for local, virtual and cloud environments. SIRIS is the first fully featured data protection platform delivered in one package.

Business Continuity for Small Business

Datto ALTO 3

Do you have a small business? ALTO has been designed specifically for small business, the first of its kind.

Finally enterprise-grade quality at a small business price. ALTO uses image-based backup and a hybrid cloud model.

You can recover fast and get your business running again within minutes, not hours or days!

Datto Reviews

Thanks to hyphenet and Datto I save so much time and have peace of mind! Forget the old way of backing up data.

Finally able to relax now knowing our company’s critical data is secured by hyphenet IT and Datto SIRIS 3.

If you’re looking for the appropriate business continuity solution, call Hyphenet.

Ryan Smith

Senior Systems Engineer

I simple called reaching out for more information about Datto pricing and backup features and Hyphenet quickly matched my business needs to the correct Datto backup solution.

Now that they have my business running smooth with Datto ALTO, I could never go back to our previous backup strategy.

Debra Allen


Our backups are finally in order and working like they should have; automatically! 

I wish we had this solution years ago. Our new IT company, hyphenet has recommended Datto ALTO for our small business and it’s actually affordable!

Call them to get the best datto pricing. They’ll take the time to match your business needs to the datto solution that’s right for you!

John Webb