Signs Your Business May be Ready For Managed IT Services

Is my business ready for managed IT services? You might say to yourself. We have the signs listed below how to tell your business is ready for managed IT services.

Running your own business is not always smooth. Especially when you mix in technology and learning curves – you might even get a headache. Many small business owners often place thinking about their technology and IT department on the back burner. Does this sound like you? You may be a business owner hesitantly thinking Managed IT Services will benefit your company. You’re wondering if the benefits will outweigh the costs of managed IT services and you question what the breaking point will be until you have to get managed services. You might even cringe at the thought of bringing in third party provider. Don’t worry. let’s talk about your options and what to ask yourself right now before hiring a managed IT service provider.

Many small business feel the urge to switch to Managed IT Services when their business grows

Your IT options as of right now:When Is Your Business Ready For Managed IT Services?

  • Stay with a local service provider who is “on call” for IT needs
  • Hire one full time IT employee to remain on-site
  • Hire a manged service provider to oversee your IT needs

What to ask yourself before making the switch to Managed IT Services

  1.  Is your network downtime increasing?
  2. Have you recently hired someone to fix IT problems that could have been prevented?
  3. Are your IT costs increasing?
  4. In the event of a disaster, would data recovery be an issue?
  5. Is your network and work station speed decreasing?
  6. Is it difficult to maintain a quality IT staff?
  7. Does your network get viruses, spyware, spam, and other security risks?
  8. Have you lost data because of faulty backups or you didn’t have backed up data?
  9. Are you or your employees spending more time dealing with IT issues rather their jobs?
  10. Would you like a fixed monthly fee for IT services?
  11. Is your IT department overwhelmed with workflow?
  12. Are your employees downloading free programs due to lack of technology?
  13. Is your current IT technology making you look unprofessional to your customers?
  14. Are you risking PCI compliance?
  15. Does your business rely on internet access?
  16. Did you have to reinstall Windows last year?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, congratulations your business is ready for Managed IT Services.

Taking the next steps with Managed IT Services

You’re ready to get the ball rolling with Managed IT Services. Now, it’s time to set a monthly budget and shop around. The most important piece of advice when looking for a manged IT service provider is to find someone that’s willing to listen to your needs first. Once a managed IT service provider understands the goals of your company and what problems to fix and manage, your company will grow. Allow their expertise to pinpoint security issues and how you can maximize your productivity.

Your Business is Ready For Managed IT Services – Tips

  1. Find an IT company you trust, not just the cheapest prices.
  2. Make sure you read any fine print and understand your contract completely. If your SLA (service level agreement) offers a 1 hour response time, make sure it’s in writing.
  3. Make sure you choose services you need, not just the ones recommended.
  4. Make sure the monthly fee will cover your needs
  5. Ask as many questions you want before seeing the contract
  6. Find a managed IT company that’s partnered with trusted brands and reputable companies

Worried about the cost of Managed IT Services?

The whole goal of outsourcing your IT managed services is to save money and grant you the business owner freedom from worrying about running your business. Set a budget and shop around.  It makes sense to shop around for the best fixed monthly pricing however it’s also important to remember there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Each managed IT service provider will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Finding the right managed service provider can take time. One company that does not have certified IT technicians will probably charge you less, however with errors and lack of experience, they could end up costing you more.

good managed IT servicesSigns of a Good Managed Service Provider

The right Managed IT Service provider will meet with you at your business and listen to your needs and work with your budget. They will offer custom tailored solutions that fit your needs.

IT servicesSigns of a Bad Managed Service Provider

They will not listen to your needs, they will just want to make a quick sale. They will pressure to you sign a contract on-the-spot. They will up-sell you on services that you don’t need.


Signs That Your Organization May be Ready For Managed IT Services

Here are a few reasons why your business needs to have managed IT services:

  1. 24/7 Support. One of the best things about having managed IT services is the availability of a team of experts on hand. You need your IT problems resolved fast? This is the solution. Technical support only when you need it – costs are fixed.
  2. Stay within Budget. Too many companies think they only need one in-house IT expert. This is not realistic when the service is not done correctly or not within the time frame. It just ends up costing you more money. If you had a managed IT service, you would have a dedicated team working together and getting work done quickly before your time frame. Not only would this save you money, your business will be able to strongly compete against the competition.
  3. Teamwork. One of the biggest advantages having a outsourced managed IT services is benefiting from a team. You simply cannot let your technology needs depend on one person alone. You need a team if IT professionals that collectively have certifications in every technology. There’s always a specialist team to work on your project and get it done correctly and quickly. You’ll always be in compliance with your local business regulations and your business goals will be in their best interest. All of this talent for a fraction of the cost.


Get a Great Managed IT Services Provider in San Diego – Hyphenet

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Now that you’ve determined why you need managed services, we invite you to learn more about hiring Hyphenet for your Managed IT Services. We’re your cost-effective IT solution. We have been helping small businesses in San Diego county grow and keep up with technology needs for the past decade. We’re happy to assist you and meet with you at your business to listen to your needs and create a custom tailored plan of action. We want to help your business grow and meet its goals.

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