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Top 4 VoIP Benefits For Small Business

VoIP benefits that will make you want to ditch your conventional business phone system.

What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol. This is a technology for making phone calls over the internet similar to using skype to make video phone calls.

Not only will you get immediate cost benefits using VoIp, you”ll also gain enterprise level features. Let’s have some fun and take a look at the best features and immediate VoIP benefits.

VoIP Benefits for Small Businesses

VoIP Benefits

1. Cost-Effective

Businesses typically benefit by saving 50% – 75% on their phone expenses compared to conventional phone lines.

  • Free or minimal setup fees
  • Long distance charges at a local rate
  • Cheaper than a traditional cell phone
  • Adding users, features, phone lines is free
  • No monthly Federal, State, City, or USF costs
  • No miscellaneous charges
  • You’re not bundling services that you don’t need
  • Only pay for features you want
  • VoIP uses your internet connection, so there’s not another major monthly expense

I’ll also recommend how to get the best VoIP for your business.

2. VoIP is Flexible

  • VoIP users can take their phone number with them
  • Work remotely using headset or microphone
  • Uses a software client that can be installed on workstation, laptop, or smartphone

3. VoIP is Simple

  • Easy to add users
  • Easy to add phone numbers
  • No wires around your office

4. Increase Productivity

  • Allows employees to multitask
  • Allows users to attach documentsvoip phones
  • Virtual meetings
  • Share data over virtual meetings
  • Enhanced voice clarity

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VoIP Features

  • Hold Music – Select music your target customer want to listen to while on hold
  • Door Phone Entry Buzzer – Unlock the door while you’re on the phone
  • Call Screening – Look at a number on caller ID and decide where to direct the call, such as redirect, disconnect etc.
  • Coaching Tools – Allows you to listen to an employee phone call between a client and give them tips and advice how to handle the call without interrupting the conversation
  • Auto Attendant – Allows callers to interact with a menu of choices and select an extension. “For support, Press 3…”
  • Conferencing – Manage invitations and even mute individuals etc.
  • Bandwidth / Data / Call Reports – View your data such as call history, cost, etc. and see where your company’s time and energy is going
  • Voicemail to email Transcription – Read your voicemail and file them so you can search them later
  • Call Routing –¬† Set your office phone to ring twice and send to your cell phone, on the fifth ring, to your home phone, seventh to voicemail
  • Do not disturb – Temporarily stop incoming calls and send to voicemail

Some of the most popular business VoIP phone brands include: Polycom $70 – $520, Avaya $70 – $150, Cisco $100-$190, Snom $100, Yealink $100-$200, Grandstream $65-$75. Source: Telephonesystemsguide.com

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