Apps! They’re not all just fun and games. These apps can help make you smarter, boost your own productivity and reach new financial goals and more! Check out these top apps that can make you a better person. Did I mention they’re FREE?! (iOS / Android)

Wordscrapes App – Helps you think faster!

I didn’t like this app at first! Uh – seemed like a chore at first. I wan’t seeing obvious words I could spell. THEN, after an hour of killing time on this app, something amazing happened. I started seeing words faster. Now I quickly zip through these puzzles like nobody’s business. Am I smarter now? Is my brain’s processing power boosted? I think so, yes! 🙂

wordscrapes app

Apps that help you set aside cash:

digit app

  • Clarity (iOS) – shows what you’re spending money on and helps you keep track of your financial goals.
  • Digit (iOS) /Android – Automatically saves money in a “rainy day” account
  • Albert (iOS) – Makes recommendations about your financial decisions

brain training

Improve your brain!

  • Elevate – Improve your writing, speaking, or listening skills with Elevate. Helps you make use of your time when you’re bored or have idle moments. “Game workouts” that track your progress.

duo lingo

Learn a new Language

  • Duolingo, (cute name) (iOS / Android). Fun way to learn foreign languages. Conversational languages you can practice with bots! You’ll be making new friends abroad in no time!

read more

Read more

  • Nuzzel (iOS / Android) Personalized reading suggestions based on your social media accounts!
  • Instapaper (iOS and Android) Save articles you want to read later
  • Feedley (iOS / Android)  Constantly curated mix of news updates


Think outside the box

  • Blackbox – (iOS) The coolest puzzle game that forces you to explore so many new crazy ways to use your phone.


Be an Alpha

  • Alphabear – (iOS) Combines 248 with Scrabble for crazy fun results. Limited number of letters create combos. Create bear characters is the goal here.

the great courses

Get Classy

Khan Academy and The Great Courses (iOS / Android) – Offer a ton of free interactive courses across various subjects. More school isn’t for everyone but you might find something you really love!

learn python

Make your own App!

  • Learn Python (iOS / Android) – This popular programming language can be use to make apps! Learn Python makes is easy to dive into. There’s even a Q and A feature for human feedback. What kind of app will you create?

 peak app

Sharpen your Mind!

  • Peak (iOS / Android) – Activities that will help you sharpen your mind while relaxing.
thumb up

thumb up

And that concludes the apps that will make you a better person. Which will you download first? Leave your pick in the comments below!