Laptop Motherboard Repair San Diego

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Laptop Motherboard Replacement San Diego services are offered at Hyphenet. One of our most popular services is laptop motherboard replacement.

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The motherboard is the second most important piece of hardware  inside your laptop, after the processor. Take a look at the symptoms down below to see if your laptop needs motherboard replacement services.


Symptoms your laptop motherboard needs replacement:


  • No Video
  • No Power
  • Laptop is Shutting Off  By Itself
  • Slow Performance
  • Unusual Noises
  • Computer turns on with a black screen
  • Battery is not Charging
  • DC Power Jack is Damaged or Loose
  • The LED Power Light is Not Showing
  • Distorted Images on Screen
  • Frequent Reboots
  • Laptop Generating Excess Heat

Laptop Motherboard Replacement San Diego

laptop with a black screen because motherboard failure

Does your laptop turn on with a black screen? Call us: 619-325-0990

Motherboards are very intricate and have thousands of components that are unseen to the naked eye. All it takes is for one of these tiny components to go faulty, thus leaving you with a laptop that’s inoperative. A faulty motherboard leaves a computer unstable, no power, a battery that won’t charge, etc.

Trying to do repairs yourself can increase the damage of the laptop motherboard. This is why it’s best to hire a trained technician to repair your motherboard. Many laptop mother board  repair shops charge an excessive amount that makes buying a new laptop a cost-effective choice.

At Hyphenet, we have certified technicians with ten years of experience that can replace your laptop motherboard. You can have peace of mind knowing that Hyphenet is a one stop shop for all your computer and laptop repair needs. We also offer many other Laptop Repair services in San Diego.


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