How to Activate your ESET Renewal

You’re probably wondering, “What do I need to do after renewing my license?

Did you recently purchase an eset renewal for eset Smart Security Antivirus or eset NOD32? Here’s how to activate your eset renewal. It’s easy! Just follow the seven steps below, or you can contact us to activate your eset renewal for you. Call us at (619) 325-0990.

  1. Open the eset program by clicking on the icon in your task bar. (It may be green, yellow, or blue.)

How to activate your ESET Renewal

2. Once the eset panel is open, click on the setup tab.

How to activate your ESET Renewal


3. Now, click on the link that says “Product activation…”

(isn’t this easy so far?)

How to activate your ESET Renewal

4. Select the radio button “Activate using an Activation Key (recommended) and click “Next

(If you don’t have an activation key and need to renew your eset license, call us for immediate support: (619) 325-0990)

How to activate your ESET Renewal

5. Enter your information carefully along with your activation key. (You can find your eset activation key on your purchase page that was given to you.) Next, click “Activate.”

How to activate your ESET Renewal

6. eset is now checking your information

eset activation

7. When eset is finished checking your information, your activation should be complete. You just activated your eset renewal all by yourself. Good job!

activate eset renewal

Thanks for reading How to Activate your ESET Renewal.

If you still need help activating your eset license or want to purchase your license renewal online, contact us today:

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