10 Business Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design – When a website’s design will seamlessly adjust to fit the user’s device, giving them the highest quality experience of your design and content

Responsive Web Design Services San DiegoThe benefits of responsive web deign are now mandatory.

You need a mobile friendly website now more than ever before.

With a responsive, mobile-friendly website, the user is able to easily read and navigate your website without design interfering with usability. Your text and design immediately pre-load and adapt to fit any device, effortlessly!

A website that is not responsive will usually have usability issues such as the need to zoom-in to read the text, links that are not click-able, the text and navigation is too small to read, images taking over the screen, scrolling problems, Not seeing the article headline or intro paragraph etc.

If I have to work to view your website, I’m clicking the BACK button!

There is more demand for Responsive web design now than ever before! With mobile device sales on the rise, people want to be able to visit your website while they’re “on-the-go.”

Here’s those amazing benefits of Responsive Web Design that will make you want to update your website now! Let’s start with the most important advantage…

 #1 More website traffic / higher rankings in Google

Let me say that again, responsive web design means higher rankings in Google search. Let’s face it, you build a website to be found and receive traffic and leads – am I right? Of course. This priority is a MUST for any business owner both small and big businesses can benefit from more website traffic and leads. Now let me explain the magic and how it happens. When your site has one responsive design that scales to fit any device, you don’t need another version of your website that’s built just for mobile devices. With only one strategic URL, you strengthen your SEO. Forget about building separate website designs for tablets, iPhones, desktops, and laptops – that’s now a thing of the past.  Don’t forget to read this Google article. -*Google claims they will rank these responsive web sites higher.

Google confirms that Responsive web sites optimized for mobile devices perform better in local search results.

*Update  – 10/6/2015 Forbes has declared millennials are the largest mobile using consumer. This means, there’s more than twice as many millennials as non-millennials using a mobile device to research products and read user reviews while shopping.

*Update 8/6/2015 Confirmed – Better SEO For Page Load Time. Responsive web design helps reduce page load time. Your browser also does not waste precious seconds redirecting to a mobile version.

*Update 5/13/2015 Confirmed – It’s Official  Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop.
“more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”

*Update – 5/6/2015 Confirmed increase of higher Google search engine results. With our mobile-friendly web design, we experienced an increase of website traffic and higher search engine rankings. In addition, we are receiving a higher volume of calls and business.



#2 Increased Sales and Revenue

Just like I mentioned in #1, the goal is receiving more traffic and leads which flows into increased sales and revenue. Now that we have only one version of the website – that’s responsive, we have successfully eliminated the need to design multiple version of the website. This gives us one single style sheet (CSS) for a consistent feel for the user experience. This means that anyone can comfortably view your website and stay longer, reading comfortably, from any device! The more consistent the user experience  – the more sales you make!

#3 Great User Experience

If your website already receives a good amount of traffic and revenue – think about the boost in revenue and traffic you’ll gain once you opt for a responsive design. Your website’s pages and blog posts will all see a rise in organic search traffic. Happy customers using your website leads to more sales and revenue once again!

#4 Save time using Google Analytics

If you have multiple versions of your website that you’re tracking in Google Analytics think of all the time and money you can save by condensing it all into one report. That’s right! One responsive website design will cut down on tracking your visitors. Faster monitoring is better than what you’re doing right now. What will you do with all the time you’re going to save?

#5 Save money on mobile development

Imagine maintaining one website and not multiple. Yes, with one responsive design it can be that much easier and of course faster making changes and building new pages. Companies could save a significant amount of time and money once again on a responsive web site design. It really is that crucial saving time on design – think of all the time you could put into building campaigns and creating new content for your blog etc. It simply amazes me how powerful a single responsive theme is for business.

#6 No more duplicate content penalties

Ut oh- remember all those multiple versions of your website? You know, the one you designed for a tablet and the other smartphone design? Yes, maybe you didn’t know that Google actually penalizes you for having duplicate content. The same articles are duplicated again and again on your website. These penalties make you look spammy to Google and hurt you rankings. The worst thing duplicate content can do is de-index your site. Ouch! Responsive web design comes to your rescue and eliminates the need for duplicate content and banishes it from your website. Google bots come back to inspect your website and you’re back in the safe zone.

 managed services in San Diego

 #7  Enhanced offline browsing experience

Most smartphones and tablets are HTML5 enabled, meaning they have offline browsing capabilities. With that, users can read email newsletters in HTML5. Perfect when the user does not have an internet connection.

#8 Staying ahead of competition

Responsive web site design is still considered new. A huge majority of websites are not responsive. You could stay ahead of your business competitors simply by switching to a responsive website design. There’s a large amount of website and business owners that are not comfortable investing in this new technology because – it’s new. As you now know, Google plans to give special treatment to websites that have a responsive design (as of April 21st, 2015). You’ll see companies scrambling to hire web designers by the end of 2015 for responsive web design to keep up with the demand of mobile devices.

#9 Staying in business

Now that you know the benefits and where this whole responsive website craze is going, you realize you need responsive design. Without it, you are losing customers and money. People are now purchasing more frequently online than in stores. People are online reading product reviews before purchasing a product! Cater to your potential customers and grow your business! If you don’t have a responsive web design, you’re actually losing money and business. You’re losing out on a whole target market that uses their mobile device to shop.

#10 the Cool Factor

Looking like a company that’s tech friendly is cool. Who doesn’t want to be cool? If your website is up-to-date and using all the latest and greatest technologies for an overall great user experience, you’re cool. You website does not look “stale” Have you ever been to an “outdated” website with – frames, tons of huge blue links and animated .gifs ? Having a website that looks clean, modern, sleek, and easy to ready builds trust and trust builds revenue.

Bonus: #11 Your Website Will Stay Relevant Longer

Have your recently visited a website that looks outdated? You know what I mean, there’s animated .Gifs, Funky site layout, looks like it was build in 2003. Having a “dated” web design can make you look unprofessional. Consumers will consider it a red flag and think twice before entering their personal information. A responsive website design looks great on any device, we recommend all our clients to make this big switch. Why? Data confirms mobile search is here to stay and will continue to grow.

Bonus #12 Your responsive website makes it easier for Users to Shop Online

If you’re selling anything on your website, a responsive design makes it super easy and enjoyable for users to browse and shop. I highly recommend using the wordpress plug-in WooCommerce for a responsive online store. Images will properly scale and text descriptions will be easy to ready. How many times have your tried shopping online with your smart phone only to be bothered with zooming and errors? If a user finds it difficult to shop on your website, they’ll quickly leave in frustration.

A note to web designers

I know it may be hard to make the switch from traditional web design practices to a responsive website. Yes, there’s less design options and limits of functionality, however our industry is constantly changing in a good way. Websites are becoming more organized, cleaner, optimized, and built for a better user experience. Content is king. Help make the internet better. If you love Google as much as I do, you know their mission statement:

Don’t be discouraged, responsive web design is gaining popularity and developers are adding more options to incorporate design to make it your own. Embrace the benefits of responsive design like I did! I really did see a dramatic increase in traffic and it’s my new standard for every website I build.

Thanks so much for reading 10 Business Advantages of Responsive Web Design. Don’t forget, if you need responsive web design services – hire us! (619)325-0990

Responsive Web Design Case Study: Hyphenet

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

(Here’s a screenshot from my phone.)

Our own experience switching to a mobile friendly web design has greatly increase our overall website traffic and sales. Having a website design that’s responsive and mobile friendly is not just a benefit but necessary for our business to sustain traffic. We repair laptops and computers and perform managed IT services in San Diego, CA. When our customer’s computers don’t work, they use their mobile device to search for computer repair services nearby. This has helped us gain search rankings for our local business in San Diego. Our website also comes up as “mobile friendly.” Another great reason to click on our link instead of a competitor.

Thanks for reading the Ten Business advantages of responsive web design.