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Mobile Optimization

  • We create mobile website that Google loves

Google Adwords PPC Management

  • Allow us to track and optimize your Google Adwords account

Social Media Management SEO

  • Put your social media on auto-pilot and gain traffic to your website

We put the local in San Diego Google
search results.


Allow us to generate emails and phone calls to your business.

And how about more foot traffic?


Speaking of feet…. 

That feeling when your business ranks first page in Google search results…



We focus on getting your San Diego business ranking higher in Google’s search results!

(pssssst! … We’ll also spy on your competitor’s strategies and try to out-rank them.)

Specializing in
Local SEO for Businesses in San Diego  

Here’s some fast proof for you. We get results. 

We walk it like we talk it….

We’re a San Diego SEO company specializing in helping local businesses rank in Google. If you have a Business in San Diego, you want website traffic from people in San Diego. We can help your website gain local search traffic. Our targeted local San Diego SEO services gain you traffic to your website, leading to foot traffic through your doors, calls to your business, and emails. People are including the keywords “San Diego” in their searches.

For example, someone might search for “lenovo laptop repair San Diego” and they would see our company hyphenet (we’re also an IT service provider) appear on the first page titled “Lenovo Laptop Repair San Diego Free Lenovo Repair Quote.” The page was optimized and has a specific “call to action.” There’s a prime example how we’re a great SEO company in San Diego. 

Do you want optimized web pages that constantly drive local search traffic to your business in San Diego?



Here’s a Google mobile search example

Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches.That’s why the example below shows a mobile phone.

First, your potential customer is searching for a service offered in San Diego and sees your website in Google search results.

Second, the user clicks your listing and sees a mobile friendly landing page with a clear call to action button to “Free Quote Call Now”

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Having a mobile-friendly website significantly helps your SEO strategy.
It gives the user a great experience. This presents a format that’s easy to read and no need for zooming or scrolling. (If I have to scroll and zoom on your site I’m clicking the back button and going back to search results)  In other words, having a mobile-friendly website makes a great first impression with your brand and makes it easy for them to decide if you offer the right services they’re searching for. Who wouldn’t want that?

Ranking Higher In Google’s Search Results

Our SEO experts fine tune your web pages into marketing powerhouses.

We’re huge fans of Google and their quality standards, that’s why we carefully make sure your content is high quality, fast loading, and useful to your customers.

It’s amazing how many SEO companies will tell you they have special software or bots to help you reach a higher page rank, when the truth is you don’t need it. If you want to rank high in Google’s search engine, you don’t have to do anything sneaky, just follow Google’s webmaster guide.

That’s it and and many SEO companies don’t even do that. Following Google’s webmaster guidelines, we’re able to get your San Diego business website ranking high in Google’s search results.



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Organic Website Traffic Vs. PPC Website Traffic

Organic Website Traffic

  • Takes time to rank on the first page
  • Free 

Organic website traffic comes naturally to your website, it’s free. It’s generated from the search engine results below (for example) the Google ads. These are considered high quality websites that deserve to be on the first page of Google due to their useful content and have passed Google’s quality score. You generally want organic traffic because it’s free and your organic traffic usually lasts much longer than PPC (pay-per-click using AdWords) website traffic. Organic website traffic is also a sign that your website was built properly and has great SEO. Your website will probably rank high for many keywords organically if it’s on an SEO friendly platform such as WordPress. If you have keywords you’d like to organically rank high for, we can analyze your website content and optimize it with SEO.

PPC Website Traffic

  • Instant first page rank
  • Expensive (getting more expensive)

Pay-per-click website traffic in Google comes from using Google Adwords. They’re the top result you see in Google search results and they also appear on the right-hand side or organic search results. Basically,you select an array of targeted keywords you’d like to bid on, write call to action ads, and set a daily budget. These keywords can get very expensive! It’s not unusual to pay upwards to $10.00 per click. Your ads are seen by users, known as impressions, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. If you have keywords you’d like to rank high for using Google’s PPC services, we can set everything up for you.

We’re realistic, organic page one results don’t happen overnight.

In many cases, reaching page one results for a San Diego business can take us over two months to accomplish organically. However, the ROI is worth the wait. Our clients are ecstatic having targeted keywords on the first page of Google. We do have results getting businesses to rank first page but we cannot guarantee first page search results.It would be unethical for any business to claim first page results. However, we want you to know it takes time and we’ll do our best! BTW…organic search results last longer than Google’s PPC.

However, If you do need instant page one results,

If you’re in a hurry and need instant results and want to leverage Google’s Adwords, we can certainly help with your next pay-per-click campaign.


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We walk it like we
talk it.

Our SEO Search Engine Optimization Services:

  • Local San Diego SEO
  • Organic SEO
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Blog content creation
  • Website optimization
  • Responsive Website design
  • Page load speed
  • WordPress Database Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Keyword analysis
  • Youtube SEO
  • Reports 
  • Shopify SEO
  • Amazon Seller Central

Local SEO San Diego

Organic Page Rank | Local Search Results | SEO for San Diego Businesses

Local SEO builds credibility vs. paid ads. Invest on long term results

Would you like your local San Diego business to naturally rank higher in search results? We can improve your website’s SEO by simply tailoring your website to Google’s high quality standards and studying your competition.

Do you feel that your website deserves to rank #1 in Google?

Please ask yourself these three questions about your website:

  1. Does my website have useful/original content?
  2. Is my website responsive and easy to navigate?
  3. Does my website stand out from my competitors?

If you answered no, we can start by improving your website’s quality and redesign your website, making it responsive, rewrite the content and make it visually engaging.

If you answered yes, we can improve your SEO by pin pointing

You probably already have website content, but did you know content is king?

Our Web and SEO San Diego Services help you build an online presence to empower your company & grow.

Select the best web design and SEO San Diego services. At Hyphenet, we understand that a website is a valuable marketing tool allowing businesses to attract, engage and educate new and existing clients online, get your phone ringing, generating new customers and sales.  That’s why we’re offering the latest and greatest Web design and SEO San Diego services. We want to increase the page rank of your website, and generate traffic to your website using our organic SEO strategies. We optimize your website’s content to be seen as high quality, optimized, and valuable to search engines and website visitors.

Websites with higher organic search engine results receive more traffic. The more website traffic you receive, the more sales and revenue.


We’re always studying the latest web design trends, monitoring Google’s algorithm changes, experimenting with the latest white hat SEO practices, and only utilizing what works best. Our clients love the proven results we bring to the table.

We offer a variety of web services including custom web design, organic search engine optimization, Local search optimization, ecommerce search engine optimization, social media integration and website-to-WordPress theme conversions, to make sure that your website yields the most traffic & offers visitors everything they want to have them keep coming back for more.

What is Organic SEO?

What makes us unique as a SEO San Diego service, we gain top Google front page results – organically. (Organic SEO) Organic search engine optimization results are the naturally occurring search results that show below the Google ads. Organic, yes as in natural search results, not to be confused with the paid advertisements. Paid advertisements are above the organic SEO results.  When a user sees your company listed below the paid ads, this shows the user that your company did not have to splurge on expensive pay-per click advertisement space. We believe that these organic search results bring more integrity and trust to the company.

Like the responsive web design layout pictured above? Responsive web design means that the web design will seamlessly adjust to fit the user’s device, giving them the highest quality experience of your design and content.

Do you need a new website built or have an existing site that needs an interface-lift? Contact us today & we’ll help you get your website up and running or back on track.

What Keyword would you like First page rank for?

organic SEODo you wish your business organically showed up in search results? Let’s say for example that you own a Jumper Rental Business in San Diego. There’s tons of jumper rental businesses in San Diego. Too much competition to rank on the first page of Google right? Wrong! You can actually use this to your advantage by targeting specific “long tailed keywords.” Instead of starting with the “hard to rank” keyword such as “Jumpers rental San Diego”, we’re going to first build some pages with targeted keywords. We can put together a strong list of keywords that will still bring you tons of traffic to your website for your services. Having these dense targeted keywords will actually help you rank the “hard to rank” keyword higher in Google search. This is all done organically!

We provide Organic First Page Rank using long tailed keywords

Appear in Google’s Local Page Rank. The majority of your potential customers are searching for nearby services and also detailed searches. Let’s use the “Jumper rental business in San Diego” again. People throw all kinds of parties and want specific jumpers. Let’s say you’re throwing a little girl’s Disney Princess Party and you search for “Disney Princess Jumper Rentals in San Diego.” There’s an example of your target market’s keyword usage. Next, we’ll build the appropriate page using organic SEO to rank for the keyword.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) What’s the point of a beautiful web design if nobody sees it? All of our websites are built from the ground up with SEO in mind. We can take a look at your existing website and see what can be done in order to help your site climb major search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing.

We can convert your existing website into a custom WordPress theme so your website will run on the popular WordPress blogging platform, allowing you to easily add new content and make changes all on your own.

Don’t leave your company out of the social media party. We’ll help you stay connected to your customers by integrating today’s most popular social networking sites into your website. Visitors can easily share all of your company offerings with their friends.

Whether you need to create a brand new website or update the look & feel of an existing one, we’re up for the job. We’ll design a custom website to offer visitors a beautiful layout that’s easy to navigate and compatible with today’s most popular web browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome & Safari.


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