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It’s been crucial for health care providers and organizations to maintain HIPAA compliance since 1996.

HIPAA, stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


This is the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. It is mandatory for any company that handles protected health information (PHI) to make sure that all the required security measures are in place and strictly followed.

No company wants to discover HIPAA violations and compliance issues in the event of being audited. It can be very expensive.

A more proactive security plan needs to be in place and monitored.

The traditional security delegation to one employee is by far outdated.This is why many small businesses outsource their IT department to a managed IT service provider such as Hyphenet. We’re a team that keeps you network secure and far less expensive than hiring one employee.

hipaa compliance San Diego

With healthcare companies being a constant target in the media for ransomware, vulnerabilities, and downtime, it’s imperative to have a managed IT service provider ensuring your network is being constantly monitored, defended, patched, and updated.

Hyphenet offers a full spectrum of solutions for your San Diego business to remain in HIPAA compliance.

When you contact Hyphenet for HIPAA compliance, you will gain compliance and also maintain it properly!



Some of our most popular services needed for maintaining HIPAA compliance:

• Data backup and restore
• Encrypted email
• Managed firewall
• Offsite compliant backup
• Disk encryption
• Disaster recovery planning
• Securing endpoints

HIPAA Solutions San Diego

Hyphenet is a managed IT service provider in San Diego, California. We serve various health care providers in San Diego county and ensure their HIPAA compliance needs are met.

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