Automated O365 and G Suite Backup

Protection, restoration, security, and compliance for all your SaaS data.

There’s no such thing as too safe.


What if a user accidentally deletes or overwrites a file?

How can you protect your organization from app outages, misconfigured workflows or even ransomware attacks?


When employess leave the company, how can you prevent them taking files with them?

Comprehensive Backup Solution for Office 365.

Finally, more secure cloud date. Your solution for the new concerns for IT professionals. 

Employees live by their data in the G Suite. That means businesses can die by them.

Backupify’s G Suite backup solution keeps your Google cloud data safe from all forms of harm, securely.

It’s your most vital information and most most irreplaceable too.

Imagine daily backups of all you Salesforce data.With Backupify, it’s a reality. 

Get Protected with Backupify

Checkout the RansomCloud Demo Video by Kevin Mitnick (famous whitehat hacker

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