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There’s four Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 Packages:


  • Email Security
  • Advanced Email Security
  • Advanced Email Security and Compliance
  • Complete Protection and Compliance (for Office 365)


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Why is Barracuda Essentials worth the hype?

  • There’s zero hardware to purchase
  • First cloud-hosted subscription service
  • Can be purchased a la carte or in one bundle


barracuda for office 365 pricing

Barracuda Essentials Pricing – 2020


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Email Security Service


$0.90 or less

per user/month

Complete Email Security

Comprehansive Email Security


$1.70 or less

per user/month

Adds Advanced Threat Protection


Email Security and Compliance


$3.00 or less

per user/month

Adds Cloud Archiving Service

Complete Protection and Compliance


$4.50 or less

per user/month

Adds Cloud Backup Service


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How Barracuda Essentials Strengthens Office 365


Barracuda Essentials is a new exciting enhancement for Microsoft Office 365. This is the ideal upgrade for Office 365 if you need an additional layer of security and compliance. Here’s some beneficial ways Barracuda Essentials strengthens Microsoft Office 365 and how it can help your business stay safe, secure, compliant, and productive.

This enhancement to Office 365 is for businesses that need:


Additional multi-layer security for email threat protectionHow Barracuda Essentials Strengthens Office 365

Perfect for companies that have a greater need of protection from malware, viruses and phishing via email. Also great for a business that has a higher volume of email. Barracuda Essentials can also help large companies simplify management of email security.

Archiving for Compliance

Barracuda Essentials is perfect for businesses that feel Office 365 is not meeting their needs of regulations and legal challenges, including compliance. This is a cloud based archive that includes: search, eDiscovery capabilities, auditing, permissions, retention policies, etc. Perfect for companies that feel

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Protects OneDrive and email boxes which is a cloud-to-cloud backup for Office 365.
Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 gives you a backup of your emails and files in the Barracuda Cloud.


Why Would I Need to Add Barracuda Essentials to Office 365?

Office 365 is already known to have top performing security and archiving features for email protection.

Why would I need to add Barracuda Essentials to Office 365?

Office 365 is phenomenal for its initial layer of security, providing the majority of businesses peace of mind.

You’re probably already familiar with benefits of productivity, compliance, and most importantly security.

Yet, there’s still a majority of businesses that have a massive volume of hourly emails that can be hard to manage and slip through the filter.

Not only that, with such a high volume of emails, they can be hard to manage using granular controls.

Barracuda Essentials Fills in the Gaps of Office 365 and Makes it Easier to Manage


Why would I need to add Barracuda Essentials to Office 365Barracuda Essentials adds another layer of security to Office 365. Perfect for helping the needs of legal challenges, regulations, and compliance. Barracuda’s Email security is an advanced security layer to Office 365 Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Compliance Center.

  • Email Retention
  • Archiving
  • eDiscovery Capabilities


Basic Office 365 Focuses on Spam & Viruses – What It Can’t Stop or Detect:

what office 365 cannot do

  • Zero-day attacks
  • Advanced malware attacks
  • Phishing attempts.


Barracuda Essentials Adds Security to Exchange Online Protection

Catch advanced malware and phishing attacks that bypass Office 365’s basic online protection.

The unique features of Barracuda Essentials include:

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Anti-typeosquatting Protection
  • Link Protection
  • Email Encryption


Barracuda Essentials Adds Security to Compliance Center and eDiscovery

Barracuda has a unique approach to email filtering. Barracuda Essentials captures a single unchangeable copy of every email. This copy is stored outside your network and Office 365 Cloud and into the Barracuda Cloud. This technique ensures the email data has an original copy that cannot be altered or deleted in any way. This makes compliance easier and gives users read only access to search and retrieve Emails at any time from any device. This alone is another great reason why you should add Barracuda Essentials to Office 365.


These are just a few reasons why it’s a smart choice to add Barracuda Essentials to Office 365. As mentioned, if your company needs to fill gaps in security and has a high volume of daily emails, Barracuda Essentials may be the best choice for additional security.

If you have any questions about Barracuda Essentials, need consulting, pricing, we’re here to help.

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