3 Reasons Regular Data Backup is Crucial for your Business

Updated 5/2/2016

Data is known to be a company’s biggest asset. Everyday your business generates new data and relies on the data stored from time prior. With all these important moving pieces, your business will either sink or swim in the unfortunate event of a disaster. There’s an alarming number of business owners that have no idea a regular data backup is crucial for their business. Are you one of them? Is your data backed up?

You may never know when a disaster will strike but you will always know whether you’re prepared for such an event.
Is your valuable Data backed up?

There’s many reasons why it’s crucial for your business to schedule regular data backups. Not only do the data backups need to be regularly, they also need to be done correctly and also stored in a different location. I’d like to share the 3 most important reasons data backup is crucial for your business. These are great risk factors to consider if you don’t have regular data backups and a disaster recovery plan set in place.

If your company does not have scheduled data backups, I strongly recommend you look into hiring a trusted company that can perform what’s called “Managed IT Services” such as Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Here’s the top 3 reasons why Regular Data Backup is Crucial

Updated 5/2/2016 added

#1 Ransomware

Ransomware is making regular data backup a mandatory must. With ransomware at it’s peak, this year in 2016, data backupwe’re seeing businesses suffer from ransomware now more than ever. There’s many forms of ransomware that are holding people’s computer data for ransom, asking for sums of money anywhere from a couple hundred, to thousands of dollars in exchange for a key to unlock their computer. Many people do not have a proper data backup in place and they’re falling victim to paying these huge ransoms. And then again, some people are out of luck when they get hit with ransomware because some cyber criminals do not ever give you the key for file decryption. Worst of all, ransomware is usually the result of opening an email and clicking on the link or downloading an attachment. It’s spreading fast world wide, making secure data backups a must. Data backups are one one of the top ways how to protect your business from ransomware.


 #2 Employees

data backupWho knows your vulnerabilities and data better than your own employees and former employees? Unfortunately one of your biggest risk factors when keeping your data secure is your very own employees (past and present). There have been many publicized cases where former employees wanted to cause harm to the company by deleting important business data or exposing data. A famous incident happened at Gucci, a former Network Engineer deleted virtual servers, mailboxes, and shut down the company’s storage area network. This cost Gucci over $200,000.00 in down time, restoration and remediation measures. This was an expensive disaster, another great reason to hire a trusted data backup company to schedule regular backups of your data and securely store it in another location.


#3 Damaged Storage Devices

damaged dataThis is true for many small businesses that want an inexpensive data backup rather than investing in managed IT services. Many small businesses will assume that storing data on a USB flash drive or even a portable hard disk drive counts as a data backup. (it’s not) This is not a wise decision nor is it a proper data backup method. Sure, you can save some data but it’s not practical or secured. These devices are most likely to get lost, stolen, and especially damaged. Did you know that many USB drives stop working after a year or two? USB drives are inexpensively designed for temporary data storage. You also don’t want to keep this data at your business onsite either. If a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado strikes your business in Florida, storing your data in you office in Florida is a horrible mistake. These small storage devices are also not for long term data storage. Have peace of mind instead of taking risks with your business data. Hire a company to backup your data and safeguard your business. Your IT service provider can store your data using cloud computing and many other options that fit your business’ needs.


#4 Accidents and Hardware Failure

Regular Data Backup is CrucialTaking the daunting task of performing data backups yourself can possibly lead to accidents. Not only can you make a costly mistake in the data backup process, your hardware can also fail or crash on you. Now what? You may be kicking yourself relying on the old hardware & software your business has or if a slight user error occurs. I have seen companies get hit pretty hard doing a data backup themselves and having their computers crash on them in the process. No matter what you user experience level is, keep in mind accidents can happen to anyone.

Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


And that wraps up the top 3 reasons why Regular Data Backup is Crucial for your business.

It’s been reported by Ponemon Institute that the average cost of a data breach has increased by 15% in 2013 to a whopping $3.5 million.

More than 90% of Businesses that Suffer a Major Data Loss go out of Business within Two Years – More than 45% went Out of Business Immediately.

(Source: Homeland Security News Wire)


Hire Hyphenet to Backup Your Company’s Data

data backup servicesWe strongly recommend you invest in backing up your company’s data by hiring a trusted IT company such as Hyphenet. We can backup your data regularly with scheduled backup services and store your company’s data remotely and securely. Please learn more about our Data Backup Services for Businesses. And also check out all our most loved and trusted IT Support services and ask us any questions you may have about helping your company reach its long term goals. We take great care of our customers IT management needs so you can focus on running your business and not worrying about down time.


Has your company experienced a data loss? Oh No! Tell me your story in the comments section below!

Thank you for reading 3 Reasons Regular Data Backup is Crucial.


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