What are the Top Email Security Solutions? 2015

If you asked “What are the Top Email Security Solutions in 2015?”  We’re going to show you who won the top 3 best of the best in email gateways and security based on the data collected from the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Sure, there’s magazines and big name companies that share their top picks of email security for usability and preference, but when email security is all that matters the world looks at the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for an objective rating.

Why is the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant the leading authority for selecting the top email security solutions?
Gartner is a leader, giving objective insight and advice. They’re the leading IT research and advisory company in the world. They also don’t endorse vendors, products, or services. Gartner only select vendors with the highest ratings.

 Let’s dive into the Top 3 email security solutions selected for 2015

Top Email Security Solutions 2015

We’re not going to even waste your time with anything below the top 3. If your email gateways and security are utmost important to your business, you may want to consider switching to the best, which is Proofpoint. If your business is already using Proofpoint, you automatically gain peace of mind and you’ll enjoy reading why they’re number one too!

Below, the top 3 email security solutions with links to their statements being recognized as leaders in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

  1. Proofpoint
  2. Cisco
  3. Microsoft

Why is Proofpoint the top choice for email security?

proofpoint logoProofpoint constantly improves itself to stay innovative, tirelessly making improvements to stay ahead of the competition. Proofpoint has the most pointed focus on email security with the fastest growth rates of the market. It’s jaw dropping how they continue to invest in the newest techniques for detecting spam. Not to mention customization of dashboards and unique features that set the product apart from other email security gateways.  This is particularly a favorite among large – enterprise customers for peace of mind email security. They’re also the chosen company preferred by McAfee during the EOL of McAfee email security solutions for a smooth migration to Proofpoint.  There’s also the top 5 benefits switching to Proofpoint for email security. However, it’s also great for small businesses. There’s rumor going around that proofpoint is too expensive, but it’s not! It’s scale-ability and the low price per user makes it very affordable. No wonder, because it’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Proofpoint has also been in the news for being the preferred partner Intel McAfee recommends when the McAfee endpoint products become discontinued.

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Why is Cisco ranking #2 for the top choice for email security?

ciscoCisco is also a huge leader aimed at midsize to large organizations, however it’s also great for small businesses. Recently in 2010, its market share has gone down 5%. Cisco is a popular choice for its easy to use management interface and scale-ability. It’s a highly reliable choice for targeted attack protection. There’s three deployment options available: managed appliances, virtual appliances, and hardware appliances. Their latest improvement has been including DMARC support in their Email Security Appliance (ESA). As well as URL reporting and adding a safe “unsubscribe” email header in their bulk email classification.


Why is Microsoft ranking #3 for the top choice for email security?

microsoftMicrosoft joins us on this list as Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Microsoft made big gains for targeted phishing protection, bringing them back to the top of market leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. One of the key benefits that makes them unique is their Office 365 message encryption. Single sign-on features, and advanced threat protection makes attachment sandboxing with detailed reporting. Another highly secure and affordable email security choice, one again the third product with scale-ability.


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Which email security solution is right for your business or organization?

These top 3 Email Security Solutions for 2015 are great each in their own way. Feel free to give us a call hyphenet: (619) 325-0990. to pin point which email security is best suited for your small business or enterprise. We’ll ask you a series of questions to match you to the best email security solution that works for your business or enterprise. Using the right email security platform will optimize your company or organization’s performance and email security. We have been a leading hosted anti-spam service provider and Managed IT service provider in San Diego county for the past ten years.

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