Do you have old devices you’re thinking about selling? Before you cash in, cash out your valuable sensitive data before someone else does. Here’s how to Securely Destroy Data from Your Old Devices.

Many people assume that a factory reset deletes all your personal data and appears like the day you first purchased it. Seems like it innocently enough right? Why wouldn’t a factory reset erase everything? Devices with a hard drive, Micro SD memory card,  and sim card will actually store your date until it’s overwritten. (sometimes as much as three times overwritten) You could do a complete “factory reset” but your personal data will still be buried deeply in the storage device.

Destroying this Data Won’t Stop Identity Thieves

Sure, removing the data the easy way is great for selling / giving your phone to a relative or friend. However, if your phone or device gets into the wrong hands, if they want your data, they will get it with advanced methods. Especially an expert thief. Many people that are victims of identity theft have donated or sold their phone online or traded it in without securely destroying Data from old devices.

Data to Destroy:Securely Destroy Data from Your Old Devices

  • Social security numbers
  • Home address
  • Birthdate
  • Photos
  • Credit card info
  • Passwords
  • Valuable data

How to Securely Destroy Data from Your Old Devices:

  1. Backup data you want to keep.
  2. Remove any removable storage devices / microSD memory card, Sim card, USB
  3. If recycling your computer, physically remove your hard drive. (You can hire a certified professional to do this)
  4. If you have a standard hard dive, Do a secure data wipe on your computer that deletes your data and overwrites it multiple times. You can download this program to make a bootable DBAN flash drive / CD.
  5. Once installed, follow instruction to erase data, try the option “autonuke”.
  6. If you have a SSD (solid state drive) Do a secure data wipe using Parted Magic. And make a bootable CD or USB downloading their data destroying software here.

How long does it take to Securely Destroy Data from Your Old Devices?

Have patience because it can take around several hours to securely destroy your data from you computer. It depends on how much data you have. Think of all the years worth of files and software you have installed and created. However, if you have a SSD, it can take only minutes or seconds because these disks are much faster. Every machine will be a little different.

Hire an expert to securely delete all of your data: Securely Destroy Data from Your Old Devices

If you have valuable data on your devices and don’t want to risk it, hire an IT professional. Whether your a business in San Diego or have a personal computer or device, the technicians at Hyphenet will safely delete all of your data and test it to make sure nothing is retrievable. This is a popular IT service performed at Hyphenet. Especially if you’ve experienced identity theft, you will want to make sure your personal information is completely erased.

Reasons Companies hire us for data wipes:

  • Client information
  • Financial data
  • Accounting data
  • Confidential data
  • etc.

Gain complete peace of mind by hiring Hyphenet. We will give you options whether you want to back up your data and transfer it to your new device. We will safely destroy every piece of information from your device making it irretrievable. If you wish to recycle your old computer or device, we will safely recycle it for you.

Hire a professional to destroy your personal information and data today. Call us for a free quote: (619) 325-0990

Thank you for learning more about how to Securely Destroy Data from Your Old Devices.