2016 is around the corner. What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

  • Do you want to learn a new skill for work?
  • Fitness goal?
  • Improve an area of your life such as family, spiritual, personal, financial?

Whatever it may be, it’s important to have a game plan, here’s how to set realistic goals for 2016. This road map will make it easier for you to set and achieve your goals in 2016. Once you see this goal plan, you might even become inspired!

How many times have we set goals of things to accomplish without developing a strategy how to get there? Follow these steps and I guarantee you’ll not only set realistic goals in 2016 but actually reach them with flying colors.

Grab a notebook/journal and follow these steps. Be sure to keep this journal somewhere you will see everyday!

1. Brainstorm

Brainstorm some goals you see yourself achieving, now write them down! – Make it crystal clear exactly what you want to accomplish.


2. List all the benefits

List all the benefits you’ll obtain from achieving this goal in 2016 – This will hype you up, write everything good to come. Picture yourself how happy you will be when you cross off this goal from your “list of things to do”


3. List all the obstacles

What are the obstacles that make this difficult to achieve – This can be anything even procrastination. Imagine how many people let these obstacles stand in their way.


4. List what you Need to reach your Goal

What will YOU NEED? Whether it’s new knowledge, help from people, a change in your daily schedule, list everything!


5. Let everyone know your Goal(s) for 2016

Your friends will be happy to help and remember your goal, you may even help with their goals too! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! You may inspire someone along your journey.


6. List the steps you need to take

Take your time to develop a plan of action that you will commit to. Break down each step into smaller steps. Now give those steps a timeline! Even accomplishing one small step in a two month period is progress towards your big goal! Remember to celebrate each mini step to keep motivated!


7. Set the deadline to your main Goal

This may be stretched to the end of 2016.


It’s important to keep yourself motivated all year long while you’re making progress reaching your goals for 2016. Remember to pat yourself on the back. This journey is kind of like climbing a mountain. When you reach your goal, you’ll be standing on top of that mountain looking down to where you started on day one. Pretty amazing stuff.

Thank you for reading How to set realistic goals for 2016. If this helped you, please share this blog post and inspire others!

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