Datto Reviews: Good and Bad Reviews from Verified Datto Users

Datto is growing tremendously popular but what are people actually saying about using datto?

With so many businesses of varied sizes using datto as their all-in-one backup solution there’s a wide range of interesting reviews. We’ve found that reading reviews that are all five-stars is not helpful.

What actually helps? Seeing a mix of both pros and cons of datto reviews.

Actually, reading negative reviews about datto can help you see any flaws that may be unexpected. This way you can decide if those flaws would impact your own business. It’s also great to see how datto users compare other backup solutions. Datto does have some incredible marketing, so let’s see how it stacks up in the real world.Here’s the real datto reviews from around the internet.

Datto SIRIS 3 pricing

Good product, but, does not fully protect data to the level some might require.

Vendor seems to often change pricing structure and/or functionality of products without much partner input.


Implementation was easy and the overall support is awesome

Datto’s services from sales to support and implementation is top notch. I love the fact that they will also review your installation to make sure everything is setup properly.


Not as advertised

Good if on prior versions to Windows Server 2016. Not good if on Citrix Xenserver. Need better support engineers. Please get it.
What are the pros?
Pre Windows Server 2016 running Hyper-V or any version good. VMWare OK.
What are the cons?
Having problems with VM’s on Windows Server 2016 host. With images. Also we bought the Datto under the guise it worked with Citrix Xenserver. We checked the knowledge base and the Server is in spec. However the Linux agent cannot be installed. So the knowledge base could never have been properly implemented or tested by there engineering team. Xenserver is installed with limited repositories. In a call to Citrix they will not support Xenserver if you install these repositories. I would go ahead and install anyway. I need the dev programs & dkms. When I go to CentOS on line I can’t find them to download. Datto is running on a Linux distribution. There software engineers could easily support me with this issue. However tech support agents can’t escalate this issue. So reason for buying Datto is mute. Need real support engineers not people who read from scripts.

Implementation was easy, backups were slow

Product was slow and never got a full sync between local storage and cloud.


If you only have a couple users, it's fine, otherwise, login in can take minutessss.

We do understand how it is important to backup Office 365 and Google Apps in case of attacks, or user mistake, for example. Backupify is very nice on paper, but very slow to deliver. The UI is slow, sometime impossible to get to your file, to restore it… They are going to deploy a new version of the Google Apps, I hope it will get better…


Datto is one of the more expensive solutions out there (often cost prohibitive)

  • Backups/restores
  • Cloud replication
  • Meets compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Datto is one of the more expensive solutions out there (often cost prohibitive)
  • Sales people are pushy and often rude
  • No refresh cycle (like Barracuda)



Implementation was easy but export to PST file is missing

Implementation was quick and easy. There was minimal configuration required. There are some limitations to the web interface. For instance, when we were evaluating, it imported all our users but then we wanted to remove the users that didn’t need backing up to reduce our license count (term users) and it took a lot of work clicking to remove them. The reporting capabilities were rather limited initially but they have improved that. The one big thing missing is we can’t export the mailboxes to a PST file. This is on the roadmap to be added at some point. So we have to use another product to do that when a user is terminated.


Complete DRaaS solutions for businesses of any size or industry.

I haven’t had a negative experience yet that they did not jump all over to resolve. We have not had any major issues with data loss or corruption, but some minor events that they helped us out on and were supportive.


Datto in the real world.

We are currently using the Datto SIRIS to back up about 10TB of data. This includes servers, virtual servers, and NAS devices. We keep a week of backups onsite with the unit and several weeks/months offsite. The Datto interface allows us to check the status of all backups at a glance which is extremely helpful.
  • Centralized management of all backups.
  • Local and offsite syncs.
  • Local and cloud virtualization.
  • Service has to be managed by a reseller which is hit or miss in regards to quality of service.
  • Hardware can be sluggish at times.

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