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  • We create mobile website that Google loves

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  • Allow us to track and optimize your Google Adwords account

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  • Put your social media on auto-pilot and gain traffic to your website

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Allow us to generate emails and phone calls to your business.

We focus on getting your San Diego business listed on the first page of Google so your focus can be assisting potential customers.

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Specializing in Local SEO for Businesses in San Diego + Proof

We’re a San Diego SEO company specializing in helping local businesses rank in Google. If you have a Business in San Diego, you want website traffic from people in San Diego. We can help your website gain local search traffic. Our targeted local San Diego SEO services gain you traffic to your website, leading to foot traffic through your doors, calls to your business, and emails. People are including the keywords “San Diego” in their searches.

For example, someone might search for “lenovo laptop repair San Diego” and they would see our company hyphenet (we’re also an IT service provider) appear on the first page titled “Lenovo Laptop Repair San Diego Free Lenovo Repair Quote.” The page was optimized and has a specific “call to action.” There’s a prime example how we’re a great SEO company in San Diego. 

Do you want optimized web pages that constantly drive local search traffic to your business in San Diego?


Ranking High In Google’s Search Results

Our SEO experts fine tune your web pages into marketing powerhouses. We’re huge fans of Google and their quality standards, that’s why we carefully make sure your content is high quality, fast loading, and useful to your customers. It’s amazing how many SEO companies will tell you they have special software or bots to help you reach a higher page rank, when the truth is you don’t need it. If you want to rank high in Google’s search engine, you don’t have to do anything sneaky, just follow Google’s webmaster guide. That’s it and and many SEO companies don’t even do that. Following Google’s webmaster guidelines, we’re able to get your San Diego business website ranking high in Google’s search results.



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Organic Website Traffic Vs. PPC Website Traffic

Organic Website Traffic

  • Takes time to rank on the first page
  • Free

Organic website traffic comes naturally to your website, it’s free. It’s generated from the search engine results below (for example) the Google ads. These are considered high quality websites that deserve to be on the first page of Google due to their useful content and have passed Google’s quality score. You generally want organic traffic because it’s free and your organic traffic usually lasts much longer than PPC (pay-per-click using AdWords) website traffic. Organic website traffic is also a sign that your website was built properly and has great SEO. Your website will probably rank high for many keywords organically if it’s on an SEO friendly platform such as WordPress. If you have keywords you’d like to organically rank high for, we can analyze your website content and optimize it with SEO.

PPC Website Traffic

  • Instant first page rank
  • Expensive

Pay-per-click website traffic in Google comes from using Google Adwords. They’re the top result you see in Google search results and they also appear on the right-hand side or organic search results. Basically,you select an array of targeted keywords you’d like to bid on, write call to action ads, and set a daily budget. These keywords can get very expensive! It’s not unusual to pay upwards to $10.00 per click. Your ads are seen by users, known as impressions, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. If you have keywords you’d like to rank high for using Google’s PPC services, we can set everything up for you.

We’re realistic, organic page one results don’t happen overnight.

In many cases, reaching page one results for a San Diego business can take us over two months to accomplish organically. However, the ROI is worth the wait. Our clients are ecstatic having targeted keywords on the first page of Google. We do deliver first page search results but we want you to know it takes time! Organic search results last longer than Google’s PPC.

However, If you do need instant page one results,

If you’re in a hurry and need instant results and want to leverage Google’s Adwords, we can certainly help with your next pay-per-click campaign.


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Our SEO Search Engine Optimization Services:

  • Local San Diego SEO
  • Organic SEO
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Blog content creation
  • Website optimization
  • Responsive Website design
  • Page load speed
  • WordPress Database Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Keyword analysis
  • Youtube SEO
  • Reports


San Diego SEO services


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