As long as you have an internet connection, you can become a victim of cyber attacks.

These shocking online facts about cyber security will help you realize how important it is to have the right software in place to help prevent you from becoming a victim online.

It may even make you think twice before you download or click on any random social media links.



#1 Average Age of cyber-attacker drops to 17 years old

Organized criminal gangs scour online forums in search of recruiting young hackers. Young people are also giving “kudos” to one another for these abilities.

Source, the Guardian


#2 1 in 14 Downloadable Computer Programs is Maliciouswhat is social engineering

According to Microsoft, the next time you see an opportunity to download free software or movie, think twice. Instead of hackers going after computer browsers, they go after the users. This is usually attempted using social engineering. The hacker will often use Facebook or Twitter to send messages with links to people posing as a friend urging them to play a video or see a funny photo of them etc. These links instead go to malicious programs.

Source, PC world


#3 93% of Phishing Emails are now Ransomware

According to a report from PhishMe, the end of March 2016 had a high of 93 percent of all phishing emails containing encrypted ransomware.
This statistic is alarming because in December 2016, the amount was at 56%. This huge rise in ransomware activity is due to the fact it’s getting easier to send ransomware and a fast way to make money.

Source, CSO Online


#4 Email Viruses are only Activated when you Click
on their Links or open any Attachmentsfacts about cyber security

Many companies still need to teach their employees to be cautious of phishing and social engineering. It’s human error that’s the weakest link.

Source, How to Geek


#5 The U.S. is One of the Favorite Targets for Cyber Criminals

Did you know you can see a real-time map that shows cyber attacks in action?

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#6 Approximately 1 Million New Malware Threats Released Every Day

Companies are struggling to defend against cyber attacks as hackers are now faster, and more creative than ever.

Source, CNN Money


#7 The virus called “MyDoom” was the Fastest Spreading Virus Ever Created

It causes the most damage estimated at $38.5 billion

Source, Heimdal Security


#8 The Estimated Yearly Cost of Cyber Crime Adds up Globally to 400 Billion Dollars

As of last year 2015, $2.5 billion was collected in premiums by insurance companies in effort to protect companies from losses.

Source, Fortune


#9 30% of Households in the United States are infected by Malware

Among the developed countries in the world, the United States has the eight-highest PC malware rate.

Source, InfoWorld


#10 Social Media is the Favorite Target for Hackers

With over 1.6 billion social media users worldwide, users are more likely to click on links from their friends and families. Just like in example #2, social engineering plays a huge role.

Source, Noha Amin, Information Security Unit Head at KFHB



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