Caution: Text Messages Asking for Google Account Verification Codes Scam

Text Messages Asking for Google Account Verification Codes Scam


Beware of Texts Requesting Your Account Verification Code. This Google Verification Code Text Scam going around is used by hackers to gain access to your Gmail account.

You might have just randomly received a Google verification code text on your cell phone.

“I received a google verification code but didn’t request it.”

This means that:

  • You’re trying to log in from an UN-authorized machine
  • Someone else is trying to log into your Gmail account. Beware.

Mobile phone users are being targeted to gain instant access to YOUR email account.
This a scam trend that’s happening again and has been made aware by Symantec.

This scam is similar to a criminal dressing up and posing as a police officer and asking you for your car keys. Most people wouldn’t hesitate and would hand over the keys without question.This scam takes advantage of Google’s recovery options. You can add a phone number and a recovery email address just in case you forget your login credentials. This way, you’ll never get locked out of your Gmail account, even if your account is stolen! Google gives you a six-digit code by text. In this example, the keys are the six-digit code sent by Google and the car is your email address.

DO NOT Text back your Gmail six-digit security code
If you DID accidentally text back your verification code,

Follow these steps:

1. Log into your Gmail account

2. Change your password before the scammer changes your password

What is Google verification code?Google Verification Code Texts Could be a Scam

Google verification code is a six-digit code texted to you from google that adds an extra layer of security to your account.

It’s Easy to Fall Victim of this Scam

All the scammer needs is your Gmail address, phone number, and your misjudgement.
Anyone is a potential target if they share that information online, especially on social media.

This is the Process of the Google Verification Code Text Scam

  1. You previously linked your mobile phone number to safe guard your Gmail account in case you forget your password or can’t login.
  2. A scammer knows your Gmail address and phone number
  3. The scammer tries to perform a password reset on your Gmail account by requesting a verification code to your cell phone by text message
  4. You receive a text message from Google (example: “Your Google Verification code is [SIX-DIGIT CODE].”
  5. The scammer sends your a text message from their personal phone number (posing as Google) requesting you to text back the six-digit code. They will try to trick you by using a message for example (“Google has detected unauthorized activity on your account.” Please reply with the six digit code sent to your mobile device to stop all unauthorized activity.”)
  6. You believe the text message is from Google and you reply with a text message with the six-digit code
  7. The scammer uses your six-digit code to complete the password reset and recovery process to gain access to your Gmail account.
  8. Google Verification Code Texts

How to Keep your Gmail Account Safe

  • Try to keep your personal information off the internet
  • Remember that Gmail will never text you asking for a Google verification code
  • If you have an easy password, create a more secure password
  • Update your password whenever you think suspicious activity is happening
  • Manage your Gmail account access and security settings here

Other Reasons you Receive Google Verification Code Texts

  • You opted-in for updates to your account
  • Google wants to authenticate your log-ins
  • Google wants to make sure you’re not a robot when creating a Gmail account
  • You’re signed-up for the Gmail 2-step verification process
  • You can’t login to your Gmail account and want to reset your password

Did you text back your Google verification code?

If you texted back your Google verification code, immediately login to your Gmail account and change your password before the scammer does!



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Have you received phony “Google Verification Code Texts” ?

What did they text to you? Please reply in the comments.

Written by: Jen Ruhman







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