This week’s topic: SMishing Scam Awareness

SMS + Phishing = SMishing!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of phishing scams before or even experienced them first hand, but what is SMishing? SMishing, is essentially a phishing scam sent through a text message. These scams are becoming a lot more common so it is very important that you know how to spot them.

In this week’s security tip video, learn more about these scams and how you can avoid becoming the next victim.
Watch this week’s Security Tip Video: SMishing Scam Awareness


Quick Tips

  • SMishing refers to a phishing attempt carried out via a text message (also known as an SMS message).
    SMS + Phishing = SMishing!
  • If the Smishing becomes more frequent, file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Most fake text messages come from “credit card companies” , “banks”, and “IRS”.
  • Common Smishing messages “Your account is hacked” + (fake link to click here)
  • When in doubt, contact the company who is sending you the text message directly to verify its validity.

 NEVER Do this if you get a fake text message:

Never reply or click on a link from a SMishing message. This only confirms to the cyber criminal that your phone number is valid. This might invite more scams!

 SMishing Screenshot Examples:

smishing examples

Have you received a SMishing attempt?

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