Spyware is a type of software that is installed onto your computer that’s designed to watch and record all of your activity including keystrokes and information your type into websites and other programs.

This recorded information is used for identity theft or targeted advertising. There’s many hidden ways spyware can sneak its way onto your computer. Some spyware may be hidden inside Software, especially free games, animated cursors, and screen savers.


Here’s the Top 10 signs your Computer has Spyware Installed


#1. New Home Page

When you start your browser, the home page has changed to a new website. You try changing it back to your old home page and it changes back again.

#2 Pop-up Advertisements

You may not even be connected to the internet and you’re seeing pop-up ads on your screen, they may even address you by name!

#3 A New Search Toolbar appears in your Browser

You don’t remember installing a new toolbar and suddenly, now you have one. It may be difficult to try and uninstall, worse you actually do uninstall it and it comes back.

#4 Wild Unknown Modem Activity 10 signs your Computer has Spyware

If your modem send/receive lights are blinking wildly and you’re not doing anything on your computer

#5 Slower System

Your system is running slower than it did before. You open the process tab to reveal an unknown process is using up the majority of your CPU cycles, but what is it? New spyware will hide itself by using names of normal tasks like “svchost.exe”

#6 New Favorites

You don’t remember adding this new favorite item in your favorites list. You delete it and it comes right back.

#7 Your AntiSpyware Program Stops Working

If your antispyware software keeps crashing, or has missing files.

#8 Your Phone Bill Has Spiked

If your phone bill has charges for expensive 900 numbers that you never made.

#9 Your Keyboard has a new strange piece of Hardware

If your keyboard has a piece of hardware the size of a finger connected between your keyboard’s cable plug and the socket/USB port on the back of your computer. Someone might have even offered you a “better” keyboard, be cautions.

#10 Your Web Searches get Forwarded

You type your search into your favorite search engine only to find it forward to some random search engine.

+ Updated: #11 Everything Seems Normal

Even if your computer seems to be running like normal, you need to know that most spyware does not leave traces, so you need to scan you system regardless.


Avoid Spyware:

  • Be careful when downloading free applications
  • Don’t answer/open/reply to unsolicited emails
  • Don’t click on any suspicious pop-up windows


If you think there’s spyware on your laptop or tablet, we can help you remove it today.

Give us a call: (619) 325-0990



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