With the world turning digital, people are connected to multiple devices throughout the day. Listening to your iPod at home, connecting to Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, or accessing your smartphone at work can leave you open to all kinds of cybercrime.

The digital world consists of the widespread use of mobile devices that cybercriminals are able to access through platforms, social networks, and the public cloud.

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Organizations in particular need to protect against multi-faceted ‘advanced persistent threats’ (APTs – also known as ‘advanced targeted attacks, or ATAs).

The key attributes are:  the use of social engineering (such as spear phishing) to gain initial entry to a target organization’s network and execute a zero-day attack; the acquisition of privileges to further penetrate the target network; the establishment of communication links with external ‘command and control’ (C&C) servers; the theft or compromise of assets; and the covering of tracks after completing the mission.

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Cost of a Cyberattack

The Ponemon Institute’s 2015 survey has found that the mean annualized cost for 58 benchmarked organizations is $15 million per year.

This represents a 19% increase from the year before.  The United States takes the greatest hit out of all countries surveyed.

Denial of Services (DoS) attacks account for the highest percentage of costs in both smaller(16%) and larger (22%) companies.

Attacks like viruses, worms and trojans, and phishing and social engineering (both 1.7x more prevalent in smaller organizations), malware (2.5x) and botnets (2.7x).

The larger companies are hit the hardest by Dos, and malicious insiders attacks.


The survey shows the average number of days that it takes to resolve the cyberattack ranges from 2.6 days for viruses, worms and trojans up to 53 days for malicious insider attacks:

IT security resolve cyber attack

To view more Internet Security full reports:

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