The BAD news, ransomware isn’t going away, in fact, it’s here to stay.
The GOOD news, the sooner you realize this statement “my business is too small to get hit with ransomware” is not feasible, the better!

Why is ransomware flourishing? Simply because most companies are NOT prepared for a ransomware threat. Ponemon Institute’s 2016 State of Endpoint Report reveals 56% of companies are not ready to fight off ransomware attacks.Tantalizing news for cyber criminals right?

I recommend you get your work-boots on and dive into becoming a force to be reckoned with! Ready? Let’s go!

If you use this ransomware survival guide checklist, your small business will defiantly be “beefed up” to ransomware.


BEFORE: Preventing Ransomware

  • Invest in a robust data backup and restore solution + testing backups – The most important golden step to preventing ransomware affecting your business
  • Update and patch – Many businesses struggle keeping up-to-date, making them vulnerable
  • Train and educate your employees about phishing emails, social engineering, macros, and ransomware
  • Invest in email filtering – Most ransomware is transmitted by email

DURING: Getting Back to Business

  • Call the FBI – Ransomware is a crime–theft and extortion are in play
  • Disconnect from your network – take the infected machine to the IT department
  • Determine the extent of the problem – Who in the network is compromised? What type of ransomware?
  • Pay or Play? – We recommend you don’t pay a ransom and restore from backups
  • Don’t count on free ransomware decryption tools – Free tools quickly become outdated
  • Restore from backup – You should be backing up everyday

AFTER: Review and Reinforce

  • Clean up – Wipe your devices and restore from a clean backup
  • Examine – How can we improve network configurations?
  • Assess your employee awareness – Address employee vulnerability
  • Invest in modern defenses – Hackers are usually one step ahead of you
  • Invest in managed IT services – Don’t rely on one employee for your cyber security needs


Ransomware Survival Checklist

Would you like peace of mind that your business is proactively defending itself from ransomware?Give us a call, (619) 325-0990

As a trusted managed IT service provider, we’re the experts in to call in San Diego when it comes to preventing ransomware and ensuring your data is being protected and properly backed up.





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