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Ransomware Removal San Diego | Prevention

Ransomware is targeting local businesses in San Diego. Taking quick action will help prevent the encryption of your files and paying a high fee of bitcoins.

We’re seeing an alarming number of San Diego businesses being hit with ransomware, especially small businesses. You don’t have to pay a ransomware fee if you have backed up your data. We can restore your data today. Even if you don’t have ransomware on your computer and want to mitigate a ransomware attack, call us today and we’ll backup your data.

If your business was just infected with ransomware and you want us to take immediate action,
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What to do if you get ransomware on your computer:

  1. Close any computer that’s infected and cut off network access to prevent the ransomware from spreading.
  2. Locate all your data backups.
  3. Give us a call, we’re experts: (619) 325-0990


Large businesses consider downtime to be more costly than paying a ransom.

ransomware removal San Diego

Screenshot of Ransomware – This is the Maktublocker Ransomware.

The scenerio: Imagine sitting down at one of your computers to find a ransomware message such as “Want to unlock your computer? Pay us!” Some ransomware criminals demand up to $5,000.00 per user or they claim you’ll lose the files forever by encryption them. Next, they promise a deadline putting pressure on the situation. This psychological game usually holds favor to the cyber criminal. Many large companies will be able to afford the ransom and pay in hopes of a quick recovery and keeping their security breach out of the news.

However dealing with cyber criminals, paying the ransom does not always unlock your computer

Downtime still occurs even if you pay the ransom fee in bitcoin

Many large businesses in San Diego are being targeted by ransomware such as Alvarado Hospital (4/10/2016), luckily they took immediate action and prevented paying a ransom and recovered their files. They had data backups.

San Diego ransomware removal

Screenshot of Ransomware – This is the CryptoLocker Ransomware. We also specialize in CryptoLocker virus removal

Hyphenet’s affordable and comprehensive Ransomware removal and prevention services in San Diego can help save your files and prevent paying a huge ransom fee. When you enable our services, we will remove the ransomware from the infected computers and we will also help prevent your business from suffering future ransomware infections by placing the proper security protection and data backups.


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Ransomware Removal San Diego

Ransomware Removal and Prevention Services offered at Hyphenet

Do you have your data backed up? Allow Hyphenet to restore you computer from Ransomware.

(619) 325-0990

Even if you pay the ransom, you still have downtime

When a computer is infected with ransomware, encryptopn of files begin. When you pay the ransom, it still takes time to restore your files. On average downtime of two days after paying the ransom. Keep in mind your computer has an infection. You’ll want to wipe and restore all your files with a backup. Not to mention, paying the ransom does not guarantee your files will be restored.





ransomware on the rise

Ransomware is on the Rise

Cybercriminals utilize ransomware for an easy and fast money making scam. Paying these cyber criminals also encourages them and helps them refine their skills.

With the rise of anonymous payment systems such as Bitcoin (making it nearly impossible to trace back the criminal) and faster computer processing power technology, making it faster for your computer to encrypt your files, no wonder ransomware is a growth technology.







Hyphenet is your Ransomware Solution

Our IT technicians are able to perform onsite services to businesses in San Diego county. We’re able to quickly diagnose what kind of ransomware you have and the proper actions to take for ransomware removal services.

In many cases you might only have scareware or spyware designed to look like ransomware. No matter what the case may be, we will take the proper actions to remove the ransomware and help you prevent it from returning.



Ransomware Removal San Diego

Ransomware Removal Service Testimonials

My computer screen had an unusual error window ” Your personal files are encrypted!” It also had a countdown clock telling me how long I had to pay up which was $300.00. I shut down my laptop and gave Hyphenet a call. They diagnosed my computer with CryptoLocker ransomware. Luckily they helped me restore my files and put proper antivirus software on my computer. They also made sure my files were being properly backed up.


Ronald S.

I turned my computer on, checked my email and found this error message, “WARNING your personal files are encrypted.” I didn’t like what I was reading, so I turned off my computer and disconnected it from the network. I looked up the message and called Hyphenet. I learned I had the “Maktub Locker ransomware.” Hyphenet quickly came to my business and removed the ransomware using my backed up files. They also updated my security for further prevention.



Anthony V.

I had an error message on my laptop saying “Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution.” “In order to resolve the situation in an above-mentioned way you should pay a fine of $300.00.” They also insisted I pay using MoneyPak. I knew this was ridiculous ransomware, so I gave Hyphenet a call. They helped remove this bogus virus and restore my computer.

Ronda S.

Ransomware Facts

Having an offline backup of your data is an insurance policy against ransomware. Besides that, prevention is key. Having up-to-date security software will help block data intrusions.


Ransomware stats 2015. According to betanews.com there’s a 165% increase in ransomware.

Victims have paid more than $24 million to ransomware criminals in 2015. Payments can be from $200 – $10,000 per user.


Hyphenet’s Ransomware Removal Services‎ in San Diego give you Peace of Mind


Ransomware Prevention


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Protect your Business Data


Ransomware Removal San Diego
Ransomware Removal San Diego


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