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Proofpoint Essentials Packages Proofpoint Essentials Packages

Proofpoint Essentials Packages that are affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Secure your business email and stop spam today.

Here’s four customized Proofpoint Essentials Packages, one to fit every business’ budget and needs.If you need help selecting the right Proofpoint Essentials package for your business or enterprise, we’re here to pin point what’s right for your unique business needs and budget. Pay for only what you need.
We can migrate your business to the right Proofpoint Essentials package today.

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Signature-based Anti Virus included included included included
Spam Filtering included included included included
Reporting included included included included
Content Filtering included included included included
Outbound Filtering included included included included
Zero Hour Threat Detection included included included included
URL Defense included included included
Data Loss Prevention included included included
Email Encryption included included
Social Media Account Protection Proofpoint Essentials Packages Proofpoint Essentials Packages
Emergency Inbox 24hr 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days
Email Spooling 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days
Instant Replay 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Tamper-Proof and Offsite included
Search and eDiscovery included
Unlimited Storage (10yr Archive) included
Multi-level logins included included included included
Domain Management included included included included
Email Logs included included included included
Active Directory Sync included included included included

About Proofpoint Essentials Packages:


If your business is on a budget, the Proofpoint essentials beginner package is right for you. Offering the core features every business needs such email threat protection, management, and continuity. All Proofpoint essentials packages come equipped with these core features: Signature-based Anti-Virus, Spam filtering, Reporting, Content filtering, Outbound filtering, Zero hour threat protection, Continuity, and management. Read more information about the beginner package.


Advanced email security for protecting both business email and the ability to keep your business away from down time. The added preventative data loss function using the URL Defense can be enabled or disabled. Users will be shown a page that the URL is blocked. If you need these advanced features, then the Proofpoint Essentials Business Package is right for you. Read more information about the Proofpoint Essentials package – Business


This advanced Proofpoint Essentials plan has added email encryption meaning all emails that contain sensitive data are automatically encrypted. This is another benefit to prevent data loss. There is also the addition of social media account protection. This protects both small and enterprises from hacking, spam, and prevents any in appropriate content from being posted on your social media accounts. If you have had your social media accounts hacked in the past, this added security feature provides the peace of mind you need. A perfect choice for your business. Read more details about what the Advanced Proofpoint Essentials package has to offer.


The Professional package is the best and most well rounded email security for all businesses, enterprises, and organizations. The Professional Proofpoint Essentials Package also offers complete security continuity along with all three levels of email archiving. If you want a one stop email security protection package covering all the benefits above, this package is for you. Here’s more info about the Proofpoint Essentials Pro Package.

proofpoint essentials packages
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proofpoint essentials packages


Proofpoint Essentials Beginner Package

Proofpoint Essentials Business Package

Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Package

Proofpoint Essentials Professional Package

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