Another new ransomware running wild. Be prepared for the ransomware WhyCry.

Luckily, if you ever get hit with this new ransomware, you won’t have to cry or even worry because….
There’s a newly discovered FREE decryption key!
We have the master key you need to unlock your files. (It’s at the end of this article.)

SonicWall Security first reported this ransomware on June 15, 2017.

Check out the screenshots, bad grammar, prompts, and trickery this new WhyCry ransomware has in store.

Compromised screen:


Ransomware WhyCry

Whycry ransomware screenshot courtesy of SonicWall Security Center

First, this ransomware Whycry displays a blue messy screen. Users might think they have “the blue screen of death” however, it’s something much less fun…

Second, Whycry performs encryption using a strong encryption algorithm. All this inconvenience until the victim pays a fee to unlock their computer. Sounds like a typical case of ransomware so far but it’s not.

Infection Begins:

Third, once your computer is compromised, you start to see this fake “Windows Update Screen.” (as pictured below)
Many users might assume this is their operating system trying to “fix” the situation, but it’s NOT.
This screen is a trick to try and persuade you to leave you PC running.
What’s actually going on behind the scene?
All you personal files and documents are encrypting.

whycry ransomware screen

After your files finish encrypting, it displays this webpage:

whycry screenshot

Finally, a demand for the equivalent of $300.00 in bitcoins is made.
The cyber criminal also threatens that if you turn off your computer, you risk losing your files. (It’s funny when they demand serious action but use bad grammar. Hey hacker…it’s actually “You will lose all your files!”
I can’t even go on about the rest of their silly instructions.

In conclusion, SonicWall has examined the back end code of this ransomware, finding that it has rather simple coding. Sonicwall made the discovery it has one master key that unlocks the whycry ransomware. That’s great news for anyone that gets hit with this ransomware.

Pictured below is the simple back end of whycry:

why cry backend

Laughing at “So don’t be smart just pay money.” – If they were really smart, they wouldn’t have a master key…

whycry master key

Please use this key to unlock your files:


(This is their master key – yes it has fowl language.)

Have you been hit with Ransomware WhyCry?

Use the provided key to unlock your files and let us know in the comments below.



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