7 Things we LOVE about Proofpoint Essentials (& you will too)

You’ve probably heard a lot of tech news about Intel Security discontinuing McAfee SaaS products and their recommendation to migrate to Proofpoint . I bet your boss has even mentioned wanting to eventually hire someone to migrate to proofpoint but they still have a lot of technical questions… sigh. Here’s 5 technical things your boss wants to know about a Proofpoint migration. You, on the other hand can have fun and learn these 7 Things we already LOVE about Proofpoint Essentials & you will too:


  1. Proofpoint extends Office 365 for Advanced Security Protection & Guarantees email availability
  2. Proofpoint has Enterprise protection! Against phish, malware, spam, and all other email threats
  3. Advanced threat protection against today’s email threats. Proofpoint is constantly learning and updating their algorithms
  4. Proofpoint has a cloud based email archive! Their 10 year cloud archive keeps SMEs protected and always compliant.
  5. OUR Favorite: Easy set up! No hardware or software to install! + No need to update. Proofpoint does everything before it enters your network! Just login.
  6. Proofpoint has 100% Protection from known viruses
  7. Clean super easy to use interface!

Here’s some images of Proofpoint Essentials clean and super easy to use interface:

I love how everything looks sleek and not overwhelming.

screenshot of Proofpoint essentials login

screenshot of Proofpoint essentials reporting

screenshot of Proofpoint essentials

And there you have it. That’s our personal 7 things we love about Proofpoint Essentials. What are some of your favorite features about Proofpoint?

Proofpoint Essentials advanced package cost


Small Businesses LOVE Proofpoint Essentials

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