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Is Your IT Service Desk Reactive or Proactive?

Is your IT service desk always ahead of any situation, fixing problems before they become issues, staying on top of user and customer needs, and offering ways for customers to help themselves, thereby saving your company time and money?

Or, is your IT service desk always behind, constantly reacting to problems that are already unfolding, and barely aware of the users’ and customers’ needs until the phone is ringing and complaints are pouring in?

If you’re IT service is like 67 percent of service desks, you’re more like the latter of these two.

That’s being reactive instead of proactive. So what does it take to be proactive?



Set Up Automation and System Monitoring

Application monitoring and an automated help desk allow our technicians transparency into the system, users, and operations, so that they can see where bottlenecks are and predict when the heaviest loads will occur which means they can be proactive in keeping things running smoothly.

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