The Importance of a Strong Password
and the EASY Method to create one Now

Believe it or not, odds are your password isn’t very good.

This leads you to being susceptible to having your information hacked.

You can take action now and create a more secure password. A strong password will protect your data and privacy.

If any of the passwords pictured below are your current password,
now is the time to change it.

 the worst passwords

The average person spends roughly 11 hours online every day.
From banking to checking email, there’s no limit to all of the things we can do online.

But Guess What?…

Most of the sites or online resources we use daily—from Facebook to Gmail—are secured using a simple password.


GRRRRRR….Let’s make a STRONG Password now:

strong password



strong password1. Think of a sentence that’s fun and easy for you to remember. For example:

“My favorite thing to eat is beef tacos with rice and beans.”





creating a secure password2. Take the first letter from each word and line them up in order. For example:






how to create a secure password3. Now get creative and swap a few letters with special characters, numbers, and capitals. For example,
I changed the letter “a” to “&” since it represents the word “and” in my original sentence.





secure password


You did it! You now know how to create a SECURE and EASY password!

Be sure to use a different secure password for each online account.

If you have an office with over a dozen of employees,
you might be considering a managed password solution.
Call us today for a free quote! (619) 325-0990

managed password solutions


If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this youtube video that Illustrates what I just covered:



how to create a secure password

Ingographic source: Teamsid : Importance of having a secure password








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