Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement San Diego

Cracked Laptop Screen

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Do you need laptop screen repair or replacement services San Diego? Is your laptop screen cracked? Are there ink spots in your laptop LCD screen? Perhaps your laptop screen is flickering? Allow Hyphenet to save you time, money and frustration. We can repair or replace your LCD screen.

Get your laptop screen repaired or replaced fast with our Laptop Screen Repair San Diego service.

Even if you dropped your laptop and the LCD screen is severely cracked, Hyphenet can repair or replace your LCD screen. We will also run a full diagnostic to ensure your motherboard and inverter are not part of the display issues too.

Broken Laptop LCD screen repairs and replacements are just one of our popular repairs we do in San Diego. We’re certified to replace the LCD screens of any laptop or computer model including popular brands such as: Dell, HP, Sony, Acer, Apple, ViewSonic, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Asus, Lenovo, Alienware, Samsung, Compaq, IBM, LG, Gateway, Cyberpower PC, Panasonic, Microsoft, Google, Razer, Intel, and many more!


laptop screen repair San Diego

Do you have “Ink Spots” on your computer screen? Get our Laptop Screen Repair San Diego Services! Call us: 619-325-0990

Laptop Screen Repair San Diego Services:

If you have one of the following damages on your laptop screen, we can help.

  • Cracked Laptop Screen
  • Cracked LCD Screen
  • Black Laptop Screen
  • Dim Laptop Screen
  • Lines on Laptop Screen
  • “Ink Spots” on Laptop Screen
  • Flickering Laptop Screen
  • Severely Cracked Laptop Screen
  • Broken Laptop Screen


Our technicians have ten years of experience and they are certified to complete any computer or laptop service repair here in San Diego. Be sure to take a look at all our available Tech Support and PC Repair Services.

What are the next steps to get your laptop screen repaired?

Call us at 619-325-0990. You can drop-opp your laptop at our computer repair office in Mission Valley, or we can pick up your laptop or computer.

Laptop Screen Repair San Diego

Thank you for taking a look at our Laptop Screen Repair San Diego services.





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