Now’s the time to update all your routers and Wi-Fi devices if you haven’t done so already.

If you have a laptop, phone, tablet, router, or any other Wi-Fi devices, you need to take action because chances are you’re affected.


What’s the KRACK WiFi Vulnerability?

Researchers have discovered and published a flaw in WPA2 that allows anyone to break this security model and steal data flowing between your wireless device and the targeted Wi-Fi network, such as passwords, chat messages and photos.


What the attackers Can do:

  • Can intercept some traffic between your device and your router
  • Attackers can’t obtain your Wi-Fi password using this vulnerability
  • They can just look at your unencrypted traffic

What the attackers Can NOT do:

  • If traffic between your router and device are encrypted, such as a website that uses “https:”  the attacker can’t see your traffic
  • They can’t attack you from miles and miles away, they need to be close
  • The attacker could also take control of a zombie computer near you, but this is already a much more sophisticated attack.

“The attack works against all modern protected Wi-Fi networks,” the researchers wrote of their exploit dubbed “KRACK,” short for “Key Reinstallation Attack.”


What you should do right now:

  1. Update all the wireless things you own
  2. Consider turning on auto updates
  3. Lock your router – If you router was supplied by your ISP, ask them when it will be patched. Keep asking if they don’t know. Find your user guide for your router to connect to the admin pages.


If your router does not have a patch yet….

Use Ethernet

You can Ethernet into your router and turn off the wireless function until you patch it.


Consider using Cellular Data on your Phone

Because your phones and tablets don’t have Ethernet ports, use cellular data instead. This can ensure nobody is watching. This isn’t the best choice if you have to pay extra for mobile data. Also, not the best choice if you have an unreliable network. Or worse – if you don’t trust your telecom provider.


San Diego office move servicesHyphenet is Taking Action:

The KRACK Wi-FI vulnerability has technology professionals scrambling to supply patches to all Wi-Fi devices and routers.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to have Hyphenet as your Managed IT Service Provider, rest assured you’re being taken care of.

Hyphenet’s Managed Service Customers, please note that we’re currently aware of this global threat and patching your devices as new patches are being released.


Final thoughts:

The Good: There’s patches now readily available

The Bad: You have to spend time updating all your devices

The Ugly: It’s going to take decades to clean up



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