Is Your Company Ready for Cloud Computing? Take the Quiz

Many companies this year have migrated to Cloud Computing and there’s still a large majority of companies that aren’t ready to make the change. Small businesses especially have felt the pressure to switch from a traditional network environment to the cloud. Despite the huge benefits of cloud computing, some business owners have placed cloud computing on the back burner.

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Perhaps it’s because there’s a lot to learn about cloud computing, especially that it’s surprisingly affordable and it makes your business run smooth. Don’t be intimidated by Buzz words such as “Cloud Computing” “Cloud Migration“, “Cloud Solutions” “Cloud Support” and “Office 365“. Hyphenet is a company that’s experienced migrating businesses to the cloud and can give you peace of mind completing everything for you including cloud support, and even compare plans for you.

Still Hesitant? Take the Cloud Computing Readiness Quiz

Please Answer “Yes” or “No” to these 5 questions:

  1. Is security, & system performance crucial to my business’ everyday operations?
  2. Does my business need a scalable network system to handle rapid growth?
  3. Does my business need to be compliant?
  4. Does my business need commercial-grade technology, the best security, expert IT management, and enterprise bandwidth?
  5. Can my equipment and technology be better used in other areas of my business?


Office 365 services San Diego CAIf you answered “YES” to any of these questions, cloud computing may be a perfect fit for your company. Contact Hyphenet to migrate your business to cloud computing: (619) 325-0990


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