Hosted Anti-spam Services in San Diego

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Hosted Anti-spam Services in San Diego

Block Spam | Filter | and Anti-Virus Email services

Email Spam can be costly for your business – Save Money and Protect your Business’ email Today

Most business communication is done by email. However, business email makes you vulnerable to many security threats. Is your business receiving unwanted spam?  Hyphenet provides spam blocking, filtering, and anti-virus services and solutions for your business or organization.

Hyphenet’s comprehensive and affordable hosted anti-spam services in San Diego can start protecting your business from all forms of email threats. Hyphenet provides peace of mind that your business email is constantly being protected from:


Phishing Emails

Unsecured Emails

Denial of Service Attacks

Botnet Spam


Data Leaks

Undelivered Emails

Email Viruses (inbound and outbound)

Email Based Malware



Your Hosted Anti-spam Service Solution

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Standard Anti-Spam Filters are Not Enough

Many businesses, especially small businesses do not have sufficient spam protection. This is alarming because approximately 45% of all email is spam. If you don’t have effective spam protection, it can cost your business up to $700.00 a year for each employee. These costs can be prevented simply by allowing Hyphenet to be your Hosted Anti-spam Service solution. We have advanced anti-spam technology that goes above and beyond standard anti-spam filters.



hosted anti-spam services in San Diego

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Protect your data with Anti-Spam Email Filtering

Hyphenet’s proactive anti-spam solution helps with both inbound and outbound email filtering. Inbound email filtering  prevents spam email attacks before they enter your mail server. Outbound email filtering helps protect your sensitive data such as credit card numbers etc from being sent by email. You also won’t have to worry about having your email used for botnet spam. Both inbound and outbound filtering stops spam and viruses. We give you the spam protection and email security your business needs.






Hyphenet is the Anti-Spam Solution

Spam stops here. When you start using our hosted anti-spam service, you gain immediate benefits. To begin, you will have the most powerful Anti-Spam security on the market for your business. All this for a great value. Your business will gain a boost in productivity. You won’t even have to custom configure anything. Your employees won’t be checking their junk mail back and forth or bounce emails. Best of all you won’t have to worry about security. We provide spam protection to customers that can’t risk losing sensitive data such as attorneys, hospitals, and doctors.


anti-spam in San Diego

Hosted Anti-spam Testimonials

Ever since I implemented Hyphenet’s hosted anti-spam services, I haven’t had to worry about phishing scams tricking my employees. ID theft was a huge problem for my business in the past.


Tom R.

I have been a happy customer of Hypenet for the past four years. Their hosted anti-spam services keep my employee’s email inbox productive and I love the outbound email filtering. Our emails are now always secure making their way into the customer inbox, not their spam.



James W.

I called Hyphenet because my business has been victimized of botnet spam many times. Not only was that frustrating but we also had computer viruses from accidentally clicking on links from phishing attacks. I’m so glad Hyphenet came to the rescue.

Jazmine P.

Spam Facts

How the Word “SPAM” became the meaning for “Junk Email”: Derived from a 1970 Monty Python’s Flying Circus skit. Repeatedly singing the word “spam”, drowning out all other conversation in a restaurant.


MSN alone blocks 2.4 billion spam emails every day.

Is SPAM Illegal in the US? Yes, and No. The United States passed CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 in 2004.


Hyphenet’s Hosted Anti-spam Service Solutions give you Peace of Mind


Eliminate Spam


Quick ROI



Boost Productivity


Protect your Business Data


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