FREE ESET Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingESET launches FREE security awareness training. Hurry and register now to get the best employee cybersecurity awareness training for free.

Do you have an office full of employees? Great news! You need this!

Every employee should have cybersecurity training, and why not get the most trusted employee cybersecurity training for free?

That’s right!

FREE security awareness training from ESET

It’s 2018 and it’s crucial now more than ever for your employees to know how to protect your network!

But why?
Because your employees are your first line of defense.

It’s true. As we all know, your security is only as strong as your weakest link. That’s why we’re inviting you to take advantage of free cybersecurity awareness training for your company’s employees.

Yes! The online training program is entirely free, on demand, and in less than two hours your employees will have everything they need. Plus, it’s easy! ESET uses terminology everyone can understand.

Check out everything that’s included in this FREE cybersecurity awareness training and register NOW!


What It Is

  • Train employees on everything they need to know to protect your network under 90 minutes.
  • Delivered as a ready-to-use webinar series, or as downloadable presentations and videos to customize to your needs.
  • Document employees’ progress with certification and badges.

Topic Overview
With user-friendly terminology and tips, our free Cybersecurity Awareness Training covers:

  1. Threats Overview: Malware, phishing & social engineering
  2. Password Policies: Best practices; 2FA and how to use it
  3. Web Protection: What to look for; what to avoid
  4. Email Protection: What to look for; what to avoid
  5. Preventive Measures: Best practices for security at home and business

How it works

Sign up now and you’ll receive everything you need to deploy training within your organization, including:

  • Training overview: Walk through training materials with a quick 2-minute video.
  • Downloadable materials: Download the full presentation or customize for your organization.
  • Internal communication templates: Full instructions to roll out training to employees.
  • Certificate: Instructions on how to track and document training completion.


How to Get Started

Register to receive a welcome kit with access to the training material and instructions on how to share it within your organization and track completion. No matter what your company size, free employee training is a smart investment.

Check out these screenshots from ESET’s free employee cybersecurity awareness training:

eset free cybersecurity training

FREE security awareness training

FREE security awareness training


ESET has also carried out a survey into cyber security training in the workplace and there’s an overview of the findings in an infographic below.

free cybersecurity awareness training eset

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