HOW TO PREVENT DATA LOSSWith ransomware and data breaches making regular headline news stories, it’s time to make sure your data is protected.

Follow Hyphenet’s, (San Diego cybersecurity experts) 11 cybersecurity steps. This will help you mitigate the risk of data loss and damage to your small business’ computers and devices. After all, who’s to blame when you are hacked? You, of course. That’s why taking all our recommended actions is crucial.


  1. Back up important data regularly*
  2. Patch & update your software automatically
  3. Pay attention to your employees’ security training
  4. Show hidden file-extensions
  5. Filter executable attachments in email
  6. Disable files running from AppData/LocalAppData folders
  7. Consider shared folders
  8. Disable RDP
  9. Use a reputable security suite
  10. Use System Restore to get back to a known-clean state
  11. Use a standard account instead of one with administrator privileges

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Our most important cybersecurity tip is:

*Back up important data regularly

The ultimate favor you can do for your small business is to have a regularly updated backup, ideally an off-site , offline device for storing your data backup. Make sure that it’s tested and verified that it works. Having a backup will keep you from becoming a victim to ransomware before any malicious activity starts.

In the unfortunate event when your business becomes a victim one of the following top 5 causes of data loss:

  • Ransomware / Computer Viruses / Malware
  • Human errors (clicking delete or the format button)
  • Software Corruption
  • Hardware or System Malfunctions
  • Natural Disasters

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