Cryptolocker Virus Removal San Diego | Ransomware Prevention

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Cryptolocker Virus Removal San Diego | Ransomware Prevention

Cryptolocker is a popular malicious ransomware that’s spreading through infected websites and emails.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that cyber criminals use to block access to your computer until a sum of money is paid. The currency used is usually Bitcoin or green dot MoneyPak. These are considered untraceable forms of payment.

Are you seeing the CryptoLocker screen on your computer? There’s a few variations of the CryptoLocker virus.

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Cryptolocker Virus Removal San Diego

cryptolocker screenshot – Red screen with a blue shield “Your personal files are encrypted!” “Private key will be destroyed on…” “Time left…”

Do Not Pay the Ransom, Shut down your computer to prevent further encryption

During this last month, we’ve seen a significant spike in ransomware targeting San Diego businesses, PCs, and a Hospital. Many large companies are actually paying the ransom because they don’t want to be on the news in fear of bad publicity. Also, they think it’s a quick fix when it’s really not. You may not even receive the “key.” Furthermore, you will still need to remove the CryptoLocker Ransomware to prevent the cyber criminals from holding your computer ransom again.

We’re seeing an alarming number of San Diego businesses being hit with ransomware.

If your business was just infected with the CryptoLocker ransomware and you want us to take immediate action,
give us a call: (619) 325-0990

Cryptolocker Virus Removal San Diego

Another version of cryptolocker.

Hyphenet’s affordable and comprehensive CryptoLocker virus removal services in San Diego can help restore your files and prevent paying a huge ransom fee. Please let us know if you have a data backup. When you enable our services, we will remove the CryptoLocker ransomware from the infected computers and we will also help prevent your business from suffering future ransomware infections by placing the proper security protection and make sure your data backups are working.


Protect your valuable data today and prevent ransomware downtime today. Call us for cryptolocker virus removal:  (619) 325-0990





Cryptolocker Virus Removal

CryptoLocker Virus Prevention and
Removal Services in San Diego

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