Barracuda Essentials for Office 365

Enhanced Security Protection for Office 365 – Making the Cloud Safe for Business

Offers business owners peace of mind, for their email, data, & cloud infrastructures.

What’s Barracuda Essentials for Office 365?

Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 is a suite of cloud services that expand the security and data protection for Microsoft Office 365. Cost? It gets even better, Barracuda Essentials price per-user licensing is only $5.00 per user/ month or less.

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Barracuda Essentials is combined with three of the company’s cloud technology solutions including:

  • Email Security Solutions
  • Barracuda Message Archiver Office 365
  • Barracuda Backup Data Solutions

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Making the Cloud Safe for Business


Email Threat Protection

Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 adds an additional layer of security to your business or enterprise with complete protection, keeping sensitive data protected such as customer credit card numbers, and customer data. This industry-leading data protection combined with email encryption prevents threats from email attacks, spam,viruses, and malware.

Email Archiving for Compliance

Barracuda blends with Office 365 has both legal and business benefits. User friendly e-discovery system, retention, and help in the event of litigation. Barracuda Essentials for Office 365, gives business and enterprise peace of mind knowing they can place legal holds on emails and prevention of tampering. You can even customize that important emails are always stored and placed in Barracuda’s cloud.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 has human-error protection. Cloud services do an excellent job protecting your email and data, however your employees can still put your data at risk with accidental human-error. Users still have the ability to delete important data. That’s where Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 helps by having cloud stored backups and recovery options.


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Add an extra layer of Security to your Email

Why would I need to add additional email security to Office 365?

Large Business? Barracuda Essentials fills in the gaps of Office 365.
Most Office 365 plans include Exchange Online Protection and Compliance Center which does include a layer of security. However, there are still many companies with large volumes of email that still receive spam and email threats in their in boxes regardless. These companies may also find management of this high volume of email to be difficult.

Added email retention, archiving & eDiscovery capabilities to Office 365.
In addition, Office 365 does not cover the needs of businesses that are facing legal challenges or regulations.

Barracuda Essentials provides cloud-to-cloud backup of your emails & files.
It’s not a good idea to keep all your files / emails in one database without a backup or disaster recovery plan. Have peace of mind that your cloud backups are complete and not corrupted.


Security & Storage Solutions that Protect Office 365

Key Advantages of Barracuda Essentials

  • Cloud-based central management
  • Backup and recovery for Office 365
  • 3rd party archive for compliance & eDiscovery
  • Multi-layer security
  • Manage legacy email prior to migration
  • Delivered in SaaS model
  • Cloud-based email security with encryption and DLP
  • Cloud-based archiving for compliance and eDiscovery
  • PST management for faster migration
  • Protection against deletion both accidental and malicious
  • Email-Borne threat protection
  • Archiving for compliance
  • Backup and recovery
  • Protects both on-premises mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and hosted mail services like Office 365.

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