Companies are being hit by ransomware more this year now than ever before.
Is your business an easy target for ransomware?

Here’s 5 ways your business may be vulnerable to ransomware.

Take a quick look at these red flag signs:


#1 Outdated Equipment

Old computers are a security risk. The newer the technology, the more security.
The more up to date your hardware, the more difficult it is for cyber criminals to get your data.managed IT services San Diego

#2 Your Browser and Operating Systems are Unpatched

25% of the world’s desktop computers are still running Windows XP.
Because this operating system is no longer receiving patches or or security updates – the risk of getting hacked increase every day,

#3 You’re using Legacy Software

Legacy software implies that the system is old and out of date.
The older the version of software, the more patches and updates it needs and hackers know all the vulnerabilities.
The cost of running legacy is actually greater than upgrading.

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#4 You don’t have a cyber security strategy in place

Many small businesses are actually an easier target to cyber criminal because they don’t have a cyber security strategy in place. They may not have an IT person on staff or outsourced IT department. This not only puts their company at risk, but also their customers information. Without cyber security in place, your company is a sitting duck. Sadly, if your business gets hit with ransomware and you lose all your data – only 6% of companies survive longer than two years after losing data.

#5 You don’t have a working backup plan

Ransomware puts all your data at risk, can you afford to lose it? You need a data backup for a few reasons, in case a natural disaster strikes, human error, ransomware, etc. Without a working data backup, your company is vulnerable to having to “pay the ransom.” Worst, you might pay the ransom and you don’t get the key to decrypt your files.

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#6 Your employees open and download attachments

Believe it or not, the biggest risk your business faces against ransomware is your employees. They’re prone to human error, accidentally opening emails that have ransomware attached.

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