5 Signs you have a Computer Virus – Checklist

Here’s our top 10 signs you have a computer virus checklist and also some quick fixes yon can do now. No computer or laptop (even Mac)  is 100% prone from being infected with a computer virus, trojan horse, spyware, or malware. However, there’s some common warning signs of computer viruses you should take a look at and share online. Some of these signs you have a computer virus are popular and some even I was surprised to learn about because I’m very tech-savvy. Also, fear not because some computer virus symptoms may just be from running too many programs at once. If you do have any of these computer virus symptoms, there’s some immediate help recommended below to take immediate action.

Here’s how to really tell if your computer is infected with a virus:


 1. Unusual Error Messages

Signs you have a Computer Virus If you get a weird error message, with gibberish or unbelievable verbiage, it’s most likely a sign you have a computer virus.  In other words, anything you couldn’t picture Microsoft approving to user an error message. If getting to your nearest computer repair shop is not an option, you can always depend on trustworthy secured remote virus removal services.

Here’s some of the most popular weird computer error messages that prove you have a computer virus

  • No error occurred.
  • The value must be greater than or equal to 0, which is the maximum retention period of the distribution database used by this Publisher.
  • Runtime Error! r6025 – Pure vital function call
  • LoadLibrary (“00000000000000”) failed – the specific module could not be found.


2. Computer Crashes

Computer crashes alone are enough to damage your data. Having consistent computer crashes one right after the next are a huge red flag and major sign you have a computer virus. You may even notice your computer begins to restart itself and crash after a few minutes. Next, when you computer seems finally back to normal it goes back to crashing every few minutes! This is a computer virus symptom that needs immediate action. You need to protect your data from being damaged. Worst, if you data really is damaged you will need to have your important data restored.


3. Slow Startupsblue screen of death repair services San Diego

When you’re waiting to check your email or surf the internet, nothing kills the mood more than a super slow computer startup. Another one of the top major signs you have a computer virus.  Keep in mind the average website user will exit a website if the page takes longer than 4 seconds to load. As technology progresses, we get more impatient it seems. You may be sitting staring at a blank screen for the longest. If that screen is white or a blue screen (blue screen of death) you have a computer virus. If you computer is just taking a much longer period of time to start up, you will need to take you computer in for repair asap.


4. Slow Computer Performance

Just more of the classic signs you have a computer virus. Slow sluggish computers are another way how to diagnose a computer virus. When your everyday computer tasks such as opening your email, opening a web browser or just trying to close out of programs takes an incredible amount of time, you have a computer virus. For example, if you’re trying to surf the web and click through windows, and perhaps open you email and you notice a long pause or lag taking place – a ten second delay – glitches etc. and you feel the need to just restart your computer and start over? Another one of the top major signs you have a computer virus.


5. Missing Files!

The biggest sign you have a computer virus is when files start to go missing. Your programs and applications begin to not work anymore because some important files are missing. Even if you know which computer program files are specifically missing and try to locate the files and they’re not there – that’s a sign. This is one of the most frustrating events a virus will cause.


Take immediate action against computer viruses and save your data or recover your data. If you do get hit with malware, Trojans, viruses, spyware, etc. you can always get immediate remote computer repair. This is a great effective way how to eliminate computer viruses and also save and recover lost data.


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