Why Upgrade From McAfee Email Protection To ProofPoint?

5 Reasons to Upgrade From Intel Security’s McAfee Email Protection Solution To ProofPoint. You may have heard the recent news that Intel Security will Discontinue McAfee Saas Products. Well, what does that have to do with ProofPoint? Intel Security has partnered with Proofpoint as the upgrade from Intel Security’s McAfee Email Protection Solution.

With Intel Security slowly pulling the plug on their email security market, Proofpoint is now able to provide current McAfee customers the trusted email protection they need and fill in the gaps with additional email protection and security solutions.

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If you’re still on the fence whether you should upgrade from Intel Security’s McAfee Email Protection Solution to ProofPoint, keep reading.

Reason #1:

Proofpoint has been a leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for secure email gateways for the past seven years in a row. What’s the Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ)? They’re the world’s leading IT research and advisory company. They provide a quantitative analysis into the market and its direction. As far as security goes, wouldn’t you rather have the highest rated security over a competitor?


Reason #2:

Superior Advanced Threat Protection. Proofpoint has unmatched technology advancements compared to competitors dealing with cyber attacks. Did you know the number one threat to most businesses and enterprises is Email attacks? These attacks from cyber criminals and state actors are effectively detected, blocked, with real-time threat intelligence combined with malware analysis.

Advanced threat protection :

  • Block known threats
  • Detect unknown threats
  • Harden against loss
  • Respond to incidents

Reason #3:

Comprehensive Suite. Cyber criminals are constantly fine tuning their methods and changing their tactics. That’s why it’s now more important than ever to have a lifecycle protection. Proofpoint combines every cutting-edge technology in their secure e-mail gateway.

Effectively manage all risks at once:

  • Information security
  • Compliance
  • Governance solutions
  • Protect most sensitive data

Reason #4:

Cloud and Big Data Platform. The difference with Proofpoint’s platform is they’re actually designed to support the modern enterprise. People, data, and applications are everywhere and can be anywhere. VS traditional security and compliance that are designed to protect information sitting on the corporate network. Best of all, these services are scalable and grow with you.


Reason #5:

The best customers already use Proofpoint. The worlds best customers to be exact, are already using Proofpoint and trust it 100%. How many? 1,000s of successful mid-sided enterprises. Well over 50% of the fortune 100, and 5 out of 5 largest banks. Why are they using Proofpoint? Not only because of the reasons listed above, but also because Proofpoint has a commitment making their customers a success everyday.


When it comes to your business’ valuable data and security, you should use the most up-to-date solutions. This news story reminds me there’s businesses still out there running Windows 2003. Remember it entered EOL on July 14, 2015? The risks they’re taking with their business data blows my mind. They’re using a product that has already passed EOL.


Looking for McAfee upgrade services?

At Hyphenet, we can migrate your business from McAfee Email Protection to Proofpoint. Our IT services can be done from our office in San Diego, California – remotely to all over the world.



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