Can You Really Save Money with Cloud Computing?

Yes! 3 Ways Cloud Computing Can Save Your Business Money

Can You Really Save Money with Cloud Computing?
With Microsoft Server 2003 being obsolete, Microsoft Office 365 Cloud computing is the new business industry standard for productivity and data security. New and fancy doesn’t have to mean pricey either. Many small businesses have a small monthly budget for their IT department and are hesitant thinking cloud computing would be a huge costly investment. That’s where they’re wrong.

You really can save money with cloud computing here here’s the top 3 reasons why:


#1 Pay for Only What you Use

The beauty of cloud computing is that it’s affordable and there’s no upfront costs. If you have five email users, you only have to pay for five licenses. As your business grows to ten users, you then pay for ten licenses. You only pay for services you actually use and it’s scalable to grow as you grow. You eliminate the upfront costs of setting up a mail server and maintaining it too.


 #2 Hardware Cost

A key benefit in cloud computing is saving money on hardware. You won’t have to purchase any in-house hardware, it’s left to the vendor. Off-site hardware does not take up office space and you won’t be running any large machines that produce heat.


#3 Productivity

You’ll be amazed how quickly your business can migrate to cloud computing. There will be little down time and it can take as little as hours. This is a huge benefit because in the past, deploying older conventional software could take weeks or even months!

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