3 Reasons Why Small Businesses LOVE Proofpoint Essentials

Small Businesses LOVE the enterprise-class security and it’s affordable fixed monthly cost. It’s becoming the “go-to solution” for many small businesses.

#1 Affordable monthly fixed cost

save money with proofpoint essentialsWith no upfront software or hardware to purchase, Proofpoint Essentials is an affordable option for small businesses. It levels the playing field of technology that only large enterprises could once afford. It gets even better! It’s a cloud-based service. Meaning, small businesses never have to purchase or download updates. Besides saving money, small businesses love saving bandwidth, disk space on servers, and large amounts of time performing administrative tasks.

#2 Proofpoint Essentials MLX Technology

proofpoint essentials mlx technologyThis enterprise-class level of technology is what makes Proofpoint Essentials the right choice for peace of mind. Proofpoint Essentials filters all email before it enters your server. It will scan all email attachments and links before you or your employees open any emails and click on any links or documents. This helps prevent data loss and a multitude of security threats such as malware, viruses, and targeted spear phishing. MLX technology is constantly monitoring and analyzing spam attacks worldwide to better protect against attacks today and in the future. As soon as it detects a trend or new spam technique, it updates the system automatically. Your business is constantly protected against new threats. Small businesses love Proofpoint Essentials MLX technology.

#3 Easy to Use

One look at the simple and clean Proofpoint essentials interface design and you’ll love it. It’s not intimidating at all, it’s pretty intuitive. It’s easy to set up and even easier to manage. Admins can login online and manage all users from one secure platform. Take a look at the Proofpoint Essentials Screen Shots, Product Info & Reviews.

proofpoint essentials spam sensitivity


Small businesses are now becoming the favored target of cyber criminals.

Why? Many small businesses are unprepared for a cyber attack.

-Source: The Guardian


Want to learn more about Proofpoint Essentials for Business?

There’s many price options and packages to select from:

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Proofpoint Essentials Business Package / Pricing

Proofpoint Essentials Professional Package / Pricing

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7 Things we LOVE about Proofpoint Essentials


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